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    Thanks! My IBM PC 5150 restoration

    I want to thank the members of vintage-computer.com who sold or traded the necessary hardware for me to restore my EBay special IBM PC 5150 computer to 'super' condition to travel with me in my RV. Forgive my Windows 3.0 delight in the pure eye-candy! That a machine of this age can run a...
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    Chuck Yeager's AFT for PC on 5-1/4" floppies

    For $3 + shipping Comes with book See ebay item number 191232288898 This may be available after the eBay listing has closed. I WILL post when it's gone for good. I am in USA, want to ship within states. But make me a good offer and maybe international...
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    Wizardry 5 H.O.M. for PC on 5-1/4 floppies

    Yep, Sir Tech's Wizardry 5 - Heart of The Maelstrom See eBay item number 201119958419 For $3 + shipping Comes with documentation and 6 disks. This may be available after the eBay listing has closed. I WILL post when it's gone for good. I am in USA, want to ship within states. But make me a...
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    IBM PC compatible St-238-R, card, and cables

    30 MB ancient HDD and 8 bit controller card with ALL CABLES. Western Digital WD-1002A-27X. Can't say how well it will run in future, but no bearing sounds now... I have low-level formatted with factory hard error tracks and then Formatted it with MS-DOS 6.22, and a game I think... There were, of...
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    IBM PC 5150 sound card for DOS

    Anybody know how I can use it in DOS? Anybody sell me one? Is this more of an appendix thing?
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    AST Sixpack Plus Joystick Header

    I got the 558 IC at last! So with the 244, I'm ready! Before I go and burn the joystick port out now, This is the long version -2 or -3 card. Do I just plug a standard straight joystick header cable on, And use it as-is? Am I gonna have to solder? Someone had posted this: Pinouts for J3 to...
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    XT-FDC for IBM 5150 - Aw...

    Aw. I LOVE my XT-CF-IDE. I'd pay what I just paid to get an FDC. It's a shame they didn't combine these two at least... No more boot issues ever again...
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    5150 nic ? (!) dos 6.22

    Heh, I know this is a can of worms. Am I gonna be outta luck trying to Ethernet my old PC with DOS 6.22 for file sharing on a windows 98SE/XP type of home network? Speed irrelevant, quality important. Just maybe a dumb evil scheme type thing. Maybe I buy ready-made solution? Anybody?
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    5150 Windows 3.0 problem - RAM?

    [RESOLVED] Well, Win 3.0 WAS working. Now I see the logo, then we go blank and sit there. It's a fresh install (I started over), and we know it's the right graphics mode (VGA). I had had a problem configuring my Sixpack plus (either a 2 or 3), but it's been OK for a small while now. Some other...
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    5150 & lcd - ng

    I have a PC and a ATI Mach 8. I set the MB dip to no monitor. I checked the 8/16 bit jumper on the card. No picture or signal whatsoever. What am I forgetting?
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    Help IDing 8 bit Multi-IO card

    [RESOLVED] Greets all! Millions of these puppies of course. As usual, need to reconfigure/disable board components. I hope this picture helps off the bat, but I'll tell you what I know. Not much on the back at all... I tried the FCC ID- FHQ 484AC-XIO23 (or X1023...?) It is a...