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    Osborne 1 value

    Hi guys, I've been offered an Osborne 1 by a local seller, but he doesn't really know what it's current value would be and neither do I. It's supposed to be functional, but no disks or anything else available. I've seen it valued between $50 and $200 on a couple of sites. Could you help out...
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    IBM PC 5140 Convertible

    Hi guys! Long time, no post :) I've been quite busy with work, but the collection kept growing. One of the latest acquisitions is the IBM 5140 Convertible. I managed to start it after a proper cleaning and finding a good power adapter [the Toshiba Portege 4000 worked like a charm - 15V, 3A]...
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    Help identifying these things?

    Hi guys, I have a few things that I can't identify, but I have some pictures of them. If you have any clue, please post :) 1. 8bit ISA - apparently graphics adapter / LPT controller combo - all that I found written on the PCB is "MGP" and "Y-10" - nothing else. Well, the serial number, but...
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    IBM PS/1 Pro

    Hi guys, I recently found an IBM PS/1 Pro, machine type 2123-E81. The unit has been in storage for years so the battery was dead. I replaced it [it has a standard CR 2032 cell] as the old one was showing just over 0.2V :) Now, when I start it up, I get 2 error codes: 161 and 163. From what I...
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    Yellow :)

    Hello everyone, I'm from Romania and I'm an trying to be a collector :D Trouble is, you can't find really good stuff in Romania and, IF you find something, it's usually overpriced and doesn't work. It's tough. eBay and Paypal are not available here, so that's another problem. Other than that...
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    My small collection

    Hello everyone, this is my first post :) Well, I've gathered a few machines, but I'm still looking: ICE Felix HX-85 ICE Felix HC-90 ICE Felix HC-91 ITCI Prae [this one is quite rare] Texas Instruments Compact Computer - 40 [TI-CC40] Sinclair ZX-81 Nixdorf 8810 [12kg 286 laptop :)] Compaq...