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    IBM PS/2 Model P70 luggage laptop - KEYBOARD

    Hi, I am looking a P70 Portable Keyboard ,cable included. Thanks in advance for offers.
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    Keyboard with cable for IBM PS/2 P70 Portable

    I am looking for the whole keyboard with cable Thx
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    PS/2 Model 56 or others SLIDING RAILS to install CD ROM

    I want to install the original CDROM in my PS/2 Model 56, but I do not have the sliding rails which go on each side of the CDROM drive. Anyone ? Thx
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    Windows 2000 RC2 on Alphastation 200

    Hi, I got 2 questions. I installed Windows 2000 RC2 on my Alphastation 200 -166mhz with 64mb Ram. It works ok, but I probably need more Ram. I got 2 questions though : a) Windows says RC2 is an evaluation copy and will expire. Any way to prevent that ? (hack etc.) b) When I use Arcinst, it...
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    Wanted ( 1MB SIMM Modules - 30 pin for IBM PS/2 Model 30 286)

    Hi, I am looking for IBM SIMM 30 pin modules for a PS/2 Model 30 286. Specially the 1MB version (preferably 4 of them) or the 2MB version. Thanks Christian Minneapolis, MN
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    IBM PS/2 Model 70 or 90 (any version in working order)

    Hi , I am looking for a PS/2 Model 70 or 90 ,any variants. Christian Minneapolis, MN