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    TV Tuner

    Category:Hardware 200px|thumb|left|An example of an older TV tuner, in this case an ATI Rage Pro //c 200px|thumb|right|An Aview PC/Television A TV Tuner is a device which allows a person to watch TV on a Personal Computer. Though there are few for older computers there are several which will...
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    CPM 1a.jpg

    A screen shot of Commodore CP/M
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    The Computer Chronicles

    Category:Publications 200px|thumb|right|The Computer Chronicles logo The Computer chronicles was a popular TV show which aired from 1981-2002. The show was created to show the ever changing computer technologies although now is a reminder of computers past. The show covered hardware and software...
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    Chronicles logo.jpg

    The Logo for the Computer Chronicles TV series
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    Vintage Collecting and Using

    REDIRECT :Category:Vintage Collecting and Using
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    The IBM 305 RAMAC
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    Main Page

    Image:vclogo.jpg <big>Welcome to the VCWiki</big> This wiki is dedicated to information about vintage computers, software and hardware. If you have experience/knowledge of vintage computers/software/hardware, please create a page about it or make your contribution to an article that already...
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    Category:Companies 200px|thumb|right|The "well known" IBM logo International Business Machines (IBM) is a company which does research and development into Information Technologies. Formerly a large manufacturer of Personal Computers, today IBM is in the business of Large mainframes, Datacenters...
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    IBM lgo.jpg

    The IBM logo
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    Packard Bell

    Category:Companies 200px|thumb|top|the Packard Bell logo 200px|thumb|left|A Packard Bell series 2 computer Packard Bell is a technology company which used to make computers, as well as TV's, and radios. Packard Bell was founded in 1926 and lasted until 2008 when Packard Bell was acquired by the...
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    Pb logo.PNG

    The Packard Bell logo
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    A Packard Bell series 2 computer
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    B2ba 1.JPG

    an Aview PC/Television for IBM PC XT and AT models
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    An ATI Rangepro 2c TV Tuner for MS-DOS
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    Oti 01.jpg

    An Oak OTI 037C VGA ISA Video Card.
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    Test Page

    This page has no purpose other than to test wiki-code, so as to not mess up pages with content on them. Your test code here thumb|Test Category:Other_Information
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    redirect ibm pc at (5170)
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    redirect ibm pc xt (5160)
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    MS DOS 4
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    Windows 1.01

    Microsoft Windows 1.01 was Microsoft's first GUI, released in 1985. In order to run Windows, you need the following: thumb|right|The Windows 1.01 boot screen thumb|right|The Windows 1.01 desktop An IBM PC or compatible 8088 or later Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA graphics card supported MS-DOS 2.0 or...