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  1. RSX11M+

    How the INTERNET Broke my content, and what to do about it

    First, I'd like to thank all the participants who have kept the Virtual Key Repository and Microfiche Underground alive and for their work in support of those topics. I hope this documentation Lives on and Prospers in the Digital (pun?) form it now occupies as a result of that work. Second - My...
  2. RSX11M+

    HP breaks apart...

    In the NEWS today, HP is splitting into a unit for "Enterprise Business" and another for "PC / Printer". The Enterprise unit appears to mean "Cloud" - seems it will include server hardware manufacturing and the Networking hardware with which HP competes with Cisco. This would effect DEC...
  3. RSX11M+

    Help locating items for DEC TZ87

    I'm trying to collect all things pertaining to the DEC TZ87 DLT SCSI Tape Drive. Any information or link to the software itself (see below) would be appreciated. I need the usual DEC docs - User guide, Tech Manual, schematic etc... The TZ87 can access TK50, TK70, TK85, TK86, and TK87 tapes...
  4. RSX11M+


    The Purpose of this Thread: I'd like this to be a place for members to collect and share information allowing identification, duplication, and even replacement of missing DEC keys in a way a Locksmith could accomplish from standards. (without an original to copy) I'm beginning with the more...
  5. RSX11M+

    Here's a BA123

    If I could, I'd buy this BA123 and convert it to an 11/83. An 11/73B CPU and a hard drive is all it would take. It's got a lot of nice options (PMI memory, TK50 drv+ctl, DHQ11, DELQA...) plus cables, cabinet kits and stuff I don't recognize. Probably the VAX II and unneeded modules would sell...
  6. RSX11M+

    RX50, RX33, RX23, RX26 on UNIBUS?

    The RX50 solution was a DEC M7522 (RUX50) Unibus Quad-slot RX50 Controller... Was there a similar UNIBUS offering for RX33, RX23, RX26? Just curious.
  7. RSX11M+

    ZIP SCSI General Issues - COD

    I know this thread is one of several on ZIP disks, but I have a specific concern that bears talking about. Since I'm a new member of the SCSI / PDP-11 club myself, I've been lurking on those threads waiting for it be covered - but nobody has yet brought up the "COD" (Click Of Death) problem...
  8. RSX11M+

    Various rehabilitative topics - Cabinets, Paints, Drives, Slides

    I'm finally getting to rehabilitate some racks and cabinets I have here (purchased at a local auction in the 90's) So I could use some experience and advice from those of you who have refurbed or repaired their hardware. Here's a bit of forgotten detail - Color and touch-up paint. We used to...
  9. RSX11M+

    Hell of a DEC haul (also, WTB: VR201 or similar)

  10. RSX11M+

    PDP's in Hollywood Film

    In The Dish (2000) there's a PDP-9
  11. RSX11M+

    PDP's in Hollywood Film

    Thought this might be fun... What Movies have you spotted DEC PDP computers in? I'll start... 3 Days of the CONDOR (1975) - In the opening credits, a PDP-8 (8/e?) with DECTAPE and an early DECWRITER can be seen. It's in other places too, but these are the clearest images. TRON (1982) -...
  12. RSX11M+

    Dec KA-10

    Well, that's what I'm talking about... 1) In scrutinizing those photos, one can clearly see major components of KL10s [that "s" denotes plural - not a model variant] 2) Although it's a fairly oblique angle, I'm certain this is a console bay from a KI10 3) However, I see only one cabinet in...
  13. RSX11M+

    KXT11-A Manual or Schematic (BA variant)

    First the M8063 [I would take this to be the AA variant]: Next the M7676 [Listed as the AB version]: And finally, the brochure page [Note: incorrect image attributed as M8063-AA]: This clearly shows the halo of confusion that perpetually surrounded this product. DEC documents rarely...
  14. RSX11M+

    USB Device Emulates MFM Floppy Drive

    I'm seeing these a lot lately. Has anyone tried them on their PDP-11 with RQDX3?? I'd really like a hi-res pic of the innards. Some of you will know what I'm thinking here....
  15. RSX11M+

    eBay Find...

    This may be of interest to you if you're in the San Diego Area. If I were still living in California, you wouldn't be getting this opportunity, because I would be competing for it. (I'd really love to have a 68000 and Z80 Microprocessor Emulator) Note: Fellas... These appear to be PDP-11/23...
  16. RSX11M+

    Nuclear Data Inc. - Anyone hear of them?

    He he he... I think you're do'in great there buddy... Looking a lot like Kevin Flynn's workshop... you sure you don't have a SHIVA Laser Dis-integrator/Integrator there somewhere??
  17. RSX11M+

    Standalone bootable ZRQC?? formatter

    It has come up a number of times here on the forums that members have a need to run XXDP ZRQC?? [the MSCP Disk formatter utility] to format a new hard drive, without the traditional media to run XXDP on. Making floppies for XXDP is becoming nearly impossible due to lack of PCs with compatible...
  18. RSX11M+

    Dennis Ritchie has Passed away

    I guess I haven't been watching the news the last couple days. We've lost another Giant, Dennis Ritchie. I don't think I need explain why he would be commemorated here on the DEC groups. Suffice it to say - Rest in peace Dennis.
  19. RSX11M+

    Help locating RT-11 TCP/IP

    I'm looking for the distributions that were once located at shop-pdp.net, particularly the tcpipm.dsk or better tcpip.pkg Can anyone direct me to a location or substitute?
  20. RSX11M+

    Was there ever a PDP-10 unix project that completed?

    My days with the PDP-10 go back to my time at Stevens Institute. In that epoch, Timesharing and Batch were the most common system methodologies. There was talk of some outgrowth of research at Bell Labs, called unix, but it was mostly ignored in the beginning. Digital [DEC] was "pushing" their...