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    Stack of Intel 8080/8085 MDS Microprocessor Development System PL/M-80 Manuals

    All look complete. Two manuals are missing the front cover. Another has slight mold damage to the cover. $20 + shipping for all Universal PROM Programmer User’s Manual 9800819-02 Rev. G (missing cover) Intellec Series II Micorcomputer Development System Hardware Interface Manual 9800555-02...
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    DECTalk - Dennis

    Interesting credit at the end of this. I am sure Hawking wasn't interested but, who is this Dennis guy ? Someone here I bet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09nTwccQTUA
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    30pin and 72 pin SIMM and three ISA SoundBlaster sound cards. IBM SCSI Floptical

    Bag of 63 (I think) random 72pin and 30pin SIMM. Majority are 72pin . Maybe 20/40 mix between 30 and 72. All sorts of size. $25 shipped for all in the US. Three ISA SoundBlaster 16 Cards. (1) CT2970 (2)CT2940 $10 shipped for all in the US. IBM SCSI Floptical Drive MTA-3230. $15 Shipped...
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    Amiga 2500 Disk Controller, AT/XT Clone Keyboard, and Smashed P90 Laptop

    More randomness. *SOLD* Amiga 2500 SCSI/MFM Hard Disk Controller A2090. I believe this is new. I don't know why I have this. $25 shipped in the US. *sold* EECO Maxi-switch AT/XT Keyboard. Looks in good working order. Says System 1800 on the front but, the label says ECCO on the back. Has...
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    Various Adaptec PCI SCSI Controllers

    I have a bunch of random Adaptec cards for sale. $6 each with shipping included in the US. I've tested each one to boot fine except for the Mac versions card. I don't have a way to test those. They are the ones sold by Apple and were pulled out of working machines. (2) AHA-2950U2B (PC Version)...
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    Are you guys ready for Sunday ? Mars landing

    An ultimate test of engineering and computers ... http://www.ustream.tv/nasajpl
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    What do you do with used wirewrap backplanes ?

    This is just a matter of curiosity but, I saw this auction http://www.ebay.com/itm/PDP-8-DEC-Flip-Chip-Wire-wrap-Backplane-Digital-/170884861695 . I was just curious how you would deal with something like that. Seems like there is no telling what's been wired to what or if changes had been made...
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    Replacement for Mostek MK4332D-2 dram

    Are there other possible replacements for the Mostek MK4332D-2 ram chips ? Here is a description of them There are a couple for sale on ebay but, for crazy money and I need four. I don't care about looks so, I'm ok with anything compatible that is maybe less desirable to chip collectors.
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    MFM / RLL Controller support of 9+ Heads

    Next question for today is as follows: Does anyone know of specific 16bit ISA controllers that have built in support for drives with 9heads or more ? All my 8 bit ones seem to stop at 4. I guess I need specific model numbers for ones people know do since, it doesn't seem to be information...
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    DOS Based Floppy Drive Testing

    Are there any comprehensive 5.25" drive testing utilities ? Something to check speed, rough alignment, and basic operation.
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    Ever wonder what a ton of old keyboards looked like ?

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    MicroPDP 11/73

    I have an empty pedestal 11/73 case I'd like to repopulate. I know the combinations are basically endless but, I want to make it as original as possible. Slow memory and all. What would be the standard out of the box board set that would have shipped from DEC ? Hopefully the exact part numbers...
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    ibm ps/2 Model 25 color system

    A good friend of mine passed away recently and I was just thinking it would be fun to relive the hours we spent in front of his model 25 taking turns playing Ultima when we were a whole lot younger. If anyone has a system they could sell cheap or for shipping please drop me a line. It would be...
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    Xerox 820 vs 820-II Disk Format

    I have 820-I with a mess of disks. Some are originals for the 820-II. So far I haven't been able to read a single one that says it is specifically for the 820-II. Did they change disk formats ? I know they had a 8/16 upgrade for the -II that did MS-DOS. Some of these could be in that format but...
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    AS/400 System Backup on Multiple Tapes Problem

    I am trying to do a full system backup to QIC tape on an old CISC box but, have run into an issue. Operator error I am sure. Its running R2V3. I get the backup going fine but, when I hit the end of the first tape it pops up a message saying to put in the next tape and hit enter. The problem is...
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    What's a Sysgen PSA 1030X 8 bit ISA Card for?

    Looks like a standard early 8 bit floppy controller but, has a header labeled "From Floppy Controller" along with one labeled "From Internal Floppy Drives". That would make it appear to sit between the floppy controller and the drives. It doesn't have the circuitry to be a full controller...
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    MicroVAX II Always in Language Mode

    I was playing with my mv2 today and all of a sudden it will only boot in language mode. The mode where it asks you for a language before going anywhere. It never did before. The switch isn't in language mode and no change exercising it. Ribbon cables are fine and I didn't touch anything in...
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    Looking for a cheap as in super cheap old laptop

    I need something I can use as a serial terminal that's relatively portable. I am tired of hauling big heavy computers to the terminal rather than the other way around. Also, my back went out for the third time in three months doing just that and I need a better plan. I spent three days unable to...
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    Straight 8 on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230660204770 I mentioned it on cctalk already but, thought I'd post it here too. It has nothing at all to do with me. I'm just really curious what something like this can fetch. I can't think of anything more collectible besides a Apple I.
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    IIe making grinding disks noises. Not booting.

    This must be a common problem of some sort. I have four motherboards with the exact same problem. All are enhanced IIe. They display the Apple IIe logo and start booting. Then after a bit it just starts doing floppy drive head resets over and over. Sounds like the drives are going to explode...