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  1. The123king

    Should Pentium II/III Systems Have a Forum?

    Everything up to and including P4 is definitely vintage now. The first P4's are about as old as the Amiga was in the mid 2000's, so it seems rather hypocritical not to include it. They're also rather obsolete in comparison to later Core2 chips, that largely have the same hardware and software...
  2. The123king

    Unknown Unibus-like WEITEK CPU board

    It's definitely not QBUS, as those were 4 fingers wide, maximum, in CPUs. There are some QBUS/EF backplanes out there, but the extra 6 fingers are power only, and i believe they were only used as peripheral controllers and not full PDP-11 computers. The 9 identical chips in the bottom left...
  3. The123king

    Western Europe WTB, RCA VP Terminal

    S/N 26, not 76. Seems pretty low. i've realised that RCA stuff seems to be a quite a rare and unusual niche. I'll definitely keep an eye on that VC3301, though it's on the wrong side of the pond and the seller hasn't listed international shipping...
  4. The123king

    Hi all

    Hi, I'm a UK based collector. Mostly anything pre-1990's. I've got a penchant for PDP-11's, but i'll mess with anything more than 30 years old. Preferably the old and obscure.
  5. The123king

    Western Europe WTB, RCA VP Terminal

    Hi, I'm very much in the market for an RCA data terminal. I'm rather un-picky, as long as it's an RCA terminal. I'd prefer a contemporary VP-3303 or similar, but a later model terminal with proper keys would also be desirable. This would be to complement my RCA MS2000 development system (see...
  6. The123king

    WTB: PDP-11/73 cab kit for BA23, Drive 0 select widget for RL02

    Hi, I'm looking for a few hard-to-find parts for my PDP-11 resurrection. A M8190 (PDP-11/73) cab kit, and an RL02 drive 0 selector. An RLV12 cab kit for the BA23 is also wanted but not essential. I'm also looking for rackmount rails for the RL02 and BA23, but these are less important, as i...