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    Anyone have the part # for the Sol-20 Cassette jack J6

    I have a cracked one and want to replace it with the exact same jack so I'm looking for the brand and part#. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Cheers, Corey
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    How rare is the Data General Eclipse mini?

    Someone has offered one to me and trying to access if it's worth buying because of the association with the book. Also anyone know what a good ballpark figure would be for a working one? Thanks, Corey
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    ALTAIR 4.0 8K basic initialization question...

    Is there a way to hot start basic where you can change the IO ports for input but not erase the program in memory or be prompted for mem size and stuff like that? Thanks, Corey
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    Testing and Repairing early Apple II (Silver) power supplies

    So I am restoring an Rev-0 Apple II supply for someone. I was told it wasn't working and It was missing the power connector, so I replaced that. I opened it up (it already had screws, I know older supplies were riveted). Visually everything looked good, nothing leaking or bulging. I checked...
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    Looking for 1” Mylar punch tape rolls

    I think the title says it all. I need some Mylar punch tape. I have plenty of the oiled paper kind, but I need to create some master tapes that will hold up a bit better than paper for a museum display. PM me or email me at corey@vcfed.org if you have any for sale or if you know a place...
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    Patching CLOAD in MITS 4.0 4K or 8K basic for a different port

    Ok here is the dilemma, I’m working on hooking up an OP-80A to an ALTAIR. The challenge I have is the IO card on this machine is a 3P+S configured to look like an SIO-2 at ports 20/21. The problem is that the parallel ports are now at 22/23 and I can’t change them to be anything else without...
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    Was there a sefl-running Lisa sales demo

    and if yes, does anyone have a copy. Need it for the VCF museum. Thanks, Corey
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    Anyone have a copy of the SupeRmod video modulator manual in PDF

    Google is not my friend here since all the links it gives me to the PDF are dead. Thanks, Corey
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    Updates in progress at the VCF Computer Museum in the New York Metro area(New Jersey)

    We received a lovely donation from Nokia to do some improvements in our museum to do more live demos. So I figured we can share some of the progress. First, we bought 10 LCD televisions to hook up to the top row of displays where it's impractical to have a vintage monitor. This will allow us...
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    Looking for a 6502 assembler cross-compiler

    that I can run on my modern MacBook Pro (OSX Mojave). I have a bunch of 6502 assembly work to do and it might be a little painful to keep going back and forth to my real machine. Figure I can assemble on my Mac, test on an emulator and then move the code to the real thing. Any suggestions...
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    BK 467 CRT Tester calibration setting

    So I just recapped my new to me BK467 The service manual isn't very clear on the tracking range calibration. Is says when you put it in test mode, adjust the G2 red control till it reads full scale on the meter. I assume that means when it's at 2.0 (all the way to the right). Then it says...
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    Calling all original Apple-1 owners...

    At VCF West (2019) this year on August 3rd and 4th at the Computer Histoy Museum in MountainView California we are trying to get as many original Apple-1 in the same room as possible. We are also thinking of a mass power on for those who want to the opportunity and also a discussion panel on...
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    Wanted: Apple Lisa Keyboard help cards

    I’m looking for a set of the plastic Lisa office help cards that were underneath the Lisa keyboard. If anyone has a spare set for sale, please PM me. Thanks, Corey
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    Programming Tesla Bi-Polar proms

    OK, has anyone been able to use a DataIO 29b to program Tesla Bi-Polar proms like the Tesla MH74S287 I have found a few references by using google that the Tesla chips read the same but program differently than a regular 74S287. Has anyone been able to use another "type" of chip in the Data...
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    Did anyone see the Vintage Tech Hunters show on Discovery Canada yet?

    Can't watch it here in the states (yet), but was hoping to hear what people thought of the show. I was involved in it. Thanks, Cheers, Corey
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    Mark-8 backplane connectors

    Does anyone know the specs on the connector that you can use to hook up Mark-8 boards to create a backplane? I am traveling so I don’t have access to the boards but want to grab some connectors at one of the surplus stores in Silicon Valley before I leave. And yes I know most mark-8 were...
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    Anyone know what are the specs for this 1977 Intel ram chip

    Can’t seem to find anything on google or in old Intel docs from 1977. Can someone point me to a data sheet? Thanks, Corey
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    Wanted: MK4096-11 or MK4096-16 chips, must be dated 1976

    If you have any, please PM me and maybe we can work something out.
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    Looking for working Apple I, II (not plus) and replicas

    Oh man, I can't find my boxes!!! Do you still think these are worth something :confused:
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    Some questions for anyone using a 3d printer and scanner to make replacement parts

    OK, so I finally sat down to get my Matter and Form 3d laser scanner working that has been sitting in a box for over a year (I think my kids used it once or twice). I also just ordered an upgrade to my 3d printer extruder so that I can make more detailed plastic parts as replacements for...