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    Tektronix 4052/4054 Multifunction modules available.

    Hi all, and I hope it's no faux pas to revive an old topic in this thread. @nikola-wan , I'd love your help :) I have an MFM and I'd like to use its built-in serial port to send some output to another device. (I don't need input at the moment.) I haven't been able to get this to work, and Jos...
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    Tektronix 4054A with bicolor DVST - bright orange spot when screen dims issue

    Hi! yes, we've done the calibration procedure on our machine. It doesn't seem to have helped the incomplete screen clearing issue we were seeing, which I believe may be down to poor connections to some of the CRT's flood guns. We've done a lot of tweaking of the storage level and CE voltages...
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    Degausing old floppy disks?

    I'm pretty sure that this is unlikely. Ferrous parts that aren't the disk head itself likely aren't close enough to the spinning disk to be magnetised by the puny magnetisation that floppy disk media is capable of. As for the head, one of the best ways to degauss something is to subject it to...
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    WTB: Working Apple Lisa

    I think really improved emulation is probably the most useful way to advance some of the app-writing goals here, at least for folks who are capable of it. (For all my talk of "study", I'm not really ready to play in that ballgame at the moment!) This is probably the most active area of...
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    WTB: Working Apple Lisa

    There is still time. For me, Lisa projects tend to last half a decade or more, and that's not counting the years they sit rolling round in my head. Even right now I ought to be working on something else instead of posting here --- like, work stuff!
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    WTB: Working Apple Lisa

    The Lisa is one of my favourite computers. It is, in virtually every respect, fantastically overdesigned. This makes careful study of the machine quite enjoyable to me. Note careful addition of "to me" there. Everyone has their own unique taste. You like what you like, and if you need to have a...
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    Electronica MC1504 - the only Soviet laptop, clone of Toshiba T1100+

    This laptop was discussed recently on the Chornobyl Family YouTube channel.
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    VALDOCS (the office suite for the Epson QX-10 and QX-16) was originally written in Forth, but reviews at the time called it slow and buggy.
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    Finding an old game

    It does seem likely to me that you're remembering a game called Epoch. If not, is it possible that you're thinking of Elite? This is the right forum on the vcfed.org website to ask about Apple II games. VCFed is dedicated to all sorts of old computers, however, and you can also find forums...
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    Just curious--anyone use any of the IA-k64/Itanium gear?

    I'd love to come across a machine for the preposterous challenge of trying to do some assembly coding for the architecture. I enjoyed reading Raymond Chen's articles on the topic.
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    What happened to old-computers.com?

    To illustrate, here's something I can find in the logs of a webserver of mine (note that I've <redacted> all IPs): <redacted> - - [10/Jan/2024:20:32:01 +0000] "GET http://<redacted>:80/phpMyAdmin/scripts/setup.php HTTP/1.0" 404 162 "-" "-" <redacted> - - [10/Jan/2024:20:32:04 +0000] "GET...
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    What happened to old-computers.com?

    I doubt the hackers had any specific intention directed towards old-computers.com. If you run a website, take a look at the logs. Compromised computers are often used to find other compromised computers: software is installed to crawl the web and follow links here and there. For every new host...
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    Floating Point to string/ASCII conversion

    I found several resources with implementations and paper citations by Googling "fp to string conversion algorithm". These include: A StackOverflow post with lots of references and links. I think following links and citations from this page will be your best bet! Someone's implementation of...
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    Mid Atlantic WTB lisp machine hardware, coprocessor card, etc

    I'll settle for a TI Explorer or a MacIvory (or a MicroExplorer). I'm here in the UK so shouldn't conflict with @hush or @NeXT ;)
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    Western Europe Silent 700 or similar small terminal sought

    A friend of mine in London would like to enter the old computer hobby by means of having a hard-copy terminal. The frustrations that can accompany this particular selection give us all hope that he'll enjoy a speedy recovery from his new retro interest and will soon be pursuing more wholesome...
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    Tektronix 4052/4054 & A-Series Tech Data has 34 pages on microcode!

    This is the version of the document I've been using preferentially. Searching my email, I think you pointed out dvq.com/tektronix to me back in April '22... I think I must have just poked around in there a bit. Note that this document has the mix-ups in the 4054A calibration around the swapped...
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    Smelly Apple IIGS

    My guess is that RIFA capacitors have exploded in both the PSU and the monitor. If you open the monitor, you might see the exploded RIFA still there, or perhaps someone has removed and replaced it without fully cleaning the residue from the PCBs. It's a difficult odour to remove altogether: in...
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    What are the top 10 rarest vintage computer bits you own?

    Meh... it's a good start I guess. In time you will be able to amass a modest collection if you try hard enough.
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    How toxic is old thermal paste (beryllium oxide)?

    At least some people knew that TEL was not great for you fairly early on: From Kovarik (1994), Charles F. Kettering and the 1921 discovery of tetraethyl lead. SAE Fuel and Lubricants Division Conference, Baltimore. Read on for the harrowing description of what Du Pont process chemists found at...
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    Tek 405x web-browser emulator

    And now I have done it. You can find the Pascal-like source code here: https://github.com/stepleton/mupas/tree/main/examples/fourspite I've also got my cooperative line-bounce screensaver for a pair of 405x machines connected over a serial port...