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    FreHD on Model II/12/16/16B/6000 - FIRST ATTEMPT

    Well, here we are 5 years later! I hadn't been keeping up on FreHD development but now I see, sure enough, there is a version available for the Model II/12/16/16B/6000, the FreHD F48. I am finally ready to pull the trigger and buy one, but then I realize that I haven't checked my Model II to...
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    16K and DOS?

    I'm hoping someone might have some experience with this combo. Many Model I machines came with either 4k or 16k or RAM when used without an expansion interface. Of course in that case is would be assumed that any programs loaded or saved would be on a cassette. Some of my other 8-bit machines...
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    Model I hard drive adaptor board schematic

    I have seen Model I hard drive adapter boards available on the 'net, the ones that adapt the MI's 40 pin bus to the 50 pin hard drive bus. While I think it's great that these are being made available to the community, they look to be rather simple and I would prefer to save the money and make...
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    FreHD on a Model II?

    I hope someone here might have some insight on this. From what I understand, the hard drive system (with the exception of some of the early ones) is the same one use for the Model II/12 and the Model III/4. If that's the case, I see no reason why a FreHD wouldn't work on a Model II, 12, 16, or...
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    Wilson Laboratories FX-500 floppy disk exerciser

    You'll probably never see another one of these guys, this looks to be from the earily days of floppy drives as the cable and power plug look to be correct for an 8" drive. There are switches for: Select 1-4 Tracks 77,35,40,154 Type stnd, mini, spl1, spl2 hard sectors 8, 10, 16, 32 head load...
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    Memory chips wanted, 511000

    Like the subject says, I'm looking for some 511000 chips for my 286. Gotta get enough memory to run a web browser :) If anyone has anything, let me know.
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    Tektronics 8" hard sectored floppy disks, new

    I have a box, new never opened, of 10 8" hard sectored disks made by/for Tektronics. I am asking $20 for the box.
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    8 bit ISA hardcard

    I have a hardcard for sale. Basically it's just a plain 8 bit MFM controller, attached to a metal frame, with a 3.5" half height drive attached. Requires a standard 4 wire power connection for the drive. I got it without the drive, but had one that I added. I did NOT get it tested, just...
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    84 key XT/AT keyboards

    I think I found a couple switchable XT or AT keyboards. Asking $5 each plus postage.
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    Vintage IBM mouse for AT? PS2 ISA card?

    I have found a few older IBM mice over the years that looked like they would match the style of the 5170 nicely (probably earily PS/2 mice) but I have never seen a serial mouse from IBM. Did such a thing ever exist? Has anyone managed to get a PS/2 mouse connected to the IBM? I've used the...
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    IBM 5160 and 5170 origional harddrives?

    I know IBM used many different manufactures for it's 5.25" floppy drives, and I suspect the same is true over the live of the XT and AT. I'm wondering if anybody has a list of the various drives offered or at least an idea of the common ones used. I know I have a couple ST-412s w/ IBM logos...
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    NEC PC-8201 for sale

    Selling an NEC portable, very similar to the TRS-80 Model 100 (a little fancier acutally), includes RS-232 and LCD screen, built in terminal emulator (VT-52) and BASIC and text editor. Asking $20
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    TRS-80 / CoCo2 or CoCo3 printer

    I have a DMP-110 that is beige colored to match the Model 4 or CoCo 2/3, and has the DIN serial connector for the CoCo which is handy. I got it with some other TRS-80 stuff and don't need it so send me an offer if interested.
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    TI99/4a, black and silver, origional box

    Like the subject says, in good cosmetic shape (good, not perfect). Asking $15, will make a video cable for monitor/TV hookup for a couple bucks extra if you want. Would also trade for: Atari 8 bit TRS-80 1,2,3,4,16,etc VIC20 Amiga 1000 C64 keyboard hardware, software, or accessories.
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    5.25 inch floppy disk holders

    Anyone have a use for such a thing? Haven't had any luck selling them locally, and have several extras. Shoot me an offer if interested.
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    tons of random used 1.2m floppy disks.

    like the subject says, I have a ton of these things, been giving them away on craigslist, but if I got a couple bucks for my time, I could ship a bunch to someone too.
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    Teac 1.2 meg high density 5.25" floppy drives

    I have 2 boxes full of these things, plus some panasonic and other non-Teac brands too. In light beige, dark beige, and black colors. Many can be jumpered for 720k operation. These are drop in replacements for 8" drives or great for older PCs. Untested as-is though they were good when stored...
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    several 486 motherboards, $5 each!

    I have a stash of 486 motherboards that I won't ever use, all worked when stored away, I pulled batteries a few years ago as they were starting to leak. I can even throw in a new battery if you want. Some didn't like harddrives over 500meg, some are VLB, some have CPUs and ram, some don't...
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    Compaq Deskpro keyboards

    I have two keyboards, one from the 8086 XT clone Deskpro, another from an AT clone Deskpro 286 (if I remember the names correctly!). Any offer gets them.