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    Convertible won't power on

    I just got one of these in today and to my dismay it doesn't seem to power on, no signs of life at all...power supply is lit up but nothing else. Any ideas?
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    USB flash drive floppy emulator- direct replacement?

    I recently picked up an IBM PC Convertible and was thinking about replacing one of the drives with one of those "drives" that uses a flash drive to store floppies...
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    PC-3 Problems?

    I recently acquired a PC-3 (actually a Sharp 1250A) in decent condition with a microcassette/printer interface. It doesn't appear to power on. What should I start with?
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    New TRS-80 4p owner, serial connection?

    I recently got a 4p from a user on here, and I'm eager to get programs up and running on it. I have a DOS disk, is there any tutorial in getting it connected to a modern PC to transferring programs? I'm guessing Hyperterminal?
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    Minitel goes offline this Saturday.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18610692#TWEET165831 This was France's shining star, they bragged as late as 1997 that they could do things no other country could with Minitel. Travel reservations, news, and even shopping. I had no idea it was subsidized by the government there, nor that the...
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    Acquiring a Tano Dragon

    Is the wholesale company that had these, California Digital Inc., still in business? I wanted to get a Tano Dragon, but I'm not sure if they are still in business, or if they've changed addresses or not. Has anyone gotten a Dragon from them?
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    Looking for a specific advertisement/promotional video.

    I know it's on the Internet, because I've seen it on Youtube before. All I remember is that it was done by a large manufacturer of modems in the mid 90's and was done in the style of a 1950's-type ad that was intentionally kitschy, had stock black and white video too. I'm pretty sure the company...
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    Singing floppy drives

    I bought an Arduino months ago but haven't gotten around to using it much. I tried making one of these with two drives, even though it needs at least three to sound good. I guess I'll just have to look for a bunch of IDC connectors and spare drives. This guy actually has a tutorial. I know this...
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    Been around for a while, a trend from around the Internet. Let this video explain: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olLDrvc1qt4 It does have some pretty successful people behind it, and John de Lancie even voiced a character a few times...
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    VideoBrain- What is it worth?

    I've never seen one of these sold before, but the guy wants $130 with two controller and Pinball, as well as a power supply. Untested. What's it worth?
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    Using BeOS/Haiku...

    Since I'll never be able to afford a BeBox barring some sort of windfall, I kind of want to get a BeOS system set up. I've read a bit into the manuals, apparently some versions just installed with Windows and others were main installs? I would want the second, as I want a dedicated BeOS system...
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    Atari ST Milan Clone worth?

    I have a local guy who told me that he would sell me a Milan 040 ST clone plus an Amiga 1200 for $250 total. Since I already have so many Amigas, I figure I'm just interested in the Milan. I haven't seen much about the clone, does anyone have information about it, or know what is worth?
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    Another Amiga haul, thanks to VCF!

    Because of the generosity of Dave Farquar on these forums, I was informed of a local who wanted to sell a boxed Amiga 3000 system. Well, I picked it up today, and paid $100 for it. It came with three mice, a bunch of books and manuals, several games, and an extra floppy drive. The person who...
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    uIEC/SD: How to load?

    I'm unable to load programs using the uIEC/SD. I'm not running Jiffydos, and even when I try the commands given it gives me an error. Help?
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    FT: Amiga 1000 Keyboard for Amiga 4000 keyboard or compatible

    I have a keyboard for an Amiga 1000. I need a keyboard that will work on an Amiga 4000. Anyone want to do a direct trade?
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    Amiga 4000, or, my first Amiga

    I got my first Amiga today. I think I did pretty well. It's an Amiga 4000/040 with a Video Toaster and DOS Golden Gate card installed. It also came with an external NEC CD-ROM drive and some CDs. I also got tons of floppy disks. I got a 1084S monitor as well, but the power button is broken and...
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    ADTPro will not recognize disk images

    I finally got an adapter that worked with ADTPro and it sends ProDOS and the Serial Client perfectly, but when I try to send a disk, it just says it's waiting for host reply. On the PC side, when I try to change the working directory, nothing appears in it, and accessing it on the Apple side...
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    Midwest Gaming Classic 2011 Computer Museum

    Here's a video of the museum I took while I was in Milwaukee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdchHTcaNpc I really liked the Videobrain. Anyone have one? :p
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    Wanted: ZX Spectrum 48k

    Looking for a bare 48k ZX Spectrum. USA sellers preferred, but in all likelihood I'll be getting it from the UK, hence why I want to cut down on weight/size for shipping by only needing the main machine. All I ask for is that it works. A decent price would be good too, since I need other stuff...
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    Computers at drugstores...what's next?

    I'm sure you've heard about the Windows CE 6 laptop they are selling for $100 at CVS. If not: http://www.i4u.com/39209/9999-sylvania-netbook-sale-cvs With 300MHz, 128MB of RAM, and 2GB of flash memory it's no powerhouse, but it will should be good for some web browsing, note taking, and...