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    AST Rampage 286 Plus setup disk?

    I've acquired three AST Rampage 286 Plus memory exapnsion cards. These fit a standard 16-bit ISA slot and have eight 30-pin SIMMs slots for a max of 8 megs of RAM. To set up the RAM on the card, the cards need a setup disk. I was easily able to find info on the 'net for the few jumpers on the...
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    Wanted:387-16 math chip (in PLCC package)

    I'm looking for a 387-16 math co-pro chip in a PLCC (or CLCC) package. I also have a 387-33 chip in PGA packaging which I'll be glad to do an even swap for.
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    How to create floppy disks from a win 95 OSR2 CD

    I mentioned in one of my posts, that I had Windows 95 on floppies. Somebody was asking me privately about that, so it got me to thinking...I found years ago on the 'net instructions how to make floppies from a Win 95 CD and so I thought I'd share the information here. It only works with the...
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    Windows-like GUI/front end for DOS on an 8088?

    Does anyone know if there's software that will give a Windows-like GUI or front end to DOS installed on an 8088 (V20) CPU? Yes, I'm aware of Direct Access menu software and there are loads of other 'text-based' menuing systems, but these are all text based and not graphical. But I'm looking...
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    Wanted: AST Sixpak 'Premium'

    Most of us here that are familiar with the IBM PC and PC/XT know about the AST Sixpak Plus, the expansion board that adds up to 384 K base memory to fill these models to 640K, serial, parallel and game port, clock and calendar. I'm looking for the next model in the line after these; the AST...
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    Internet with an 8088 and a cable modem!

    In the past, I've mentioned that I have "surfed" (dog paddled actually) the Internet a bit with an 8088/V20 computer on a modem and Bobcat browser. I've had cable Internet for a while now, and wondered what it would be like to have an 8088/V20 computer on the 'net connected through the cable...
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    5150MB with bad memory in Bank 0, worth repairing?

    I've got this 5150 motherboard that when booted up, gives me this POST error code: 1051 201 I know that 201 signifies a memory error. I pulled all the socketed RAM chips in memory banks 1, 2 and 3 and reset the switch blocks to tell the MB that there is only 64K of RAM onboard, in bank 0...
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    wtb: Western Digital xt-gen controller

    I'm looking for some 8-bit MFM controllers, preferably Western Digital xt-gen. I have numerous Seagate ST-225 hard drives, and no controllers to run them on.
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    WTB: Wordstar 3.0 for DOS

    I'm looking for Wordstar 3.0 for DOS, I already have versions 3.3, 3.31, 3.33 (for a Zenith), 4.0 and disks for 5.5 and 7.0 as well as WS for Windows 2.0. 3.0 was the first version for the IBM PC platform (2x and earlier versions were CP/M). It was released in April 1982.
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    wanted: 286 MB with (only) 8 bit slots

    I'm looking for one of the 286 motherboards that has only 8-bit expansion slots (like an 8088 class motherboard). In other words, it has no 16 bit slots at all, just eight 8-bit slots. It needs to fit a standard XT or AT case, so no proprietary designs (Tandy, etc.). These boards usually had...
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    early (1982-83) PC word processing software wanted

    I'm looking for the following word processing software for the early IBM PC and compatibles: 1) Wordstar 3.0 for DOS (1982) not 3.3 or later versions 2) Microsoft Word 1.0 for DOS (1983) 3) WordPerfect 2x for DOS (1982) These can be complete packages or just the disks only (they don't even...
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    Just got my first Apple!

    For a guy whose got a lot of different PC computers, I went and did something radical and bought my first Apple! It is an Apple II plus, with two floppy drives, a disk card controller and a memory expansion card (I assume, to bring it up to 64K.) I always been somewhat curious about the Apples...
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    Compaq 8086 Deskpro wanted

    I'm looking for one of the first Compaq Deskpro models, the one with the 8086 CPU. Keyboard need not be present. No monitor wanted, unless it is the Compaq green screen mono (not the amber).
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    WTB: old issues (1983-91) of PC World magazine

    I'm looking for back issues of PC World magazine, here is a list of the exact issues and years I'm trying to find: 1983-All 1984-June, November, December 1985-November, December 1986-All 1987-All except March 1988-January through September 1989-October, November, December 1990-All