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    Wow, it works!

    You must have missed the original context from my thread "Vintage Ironey", spelling error lovingly pointed out by mbbrutman. https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/vintage-ironey.1203659/ The previous iteration of forum software made my "older" iPad vintage, a.k.a. obsolete. With the...
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    Wow, it works!

    Merry Christmas!!! I can log into the new forum using my vintage ipad! A Christmas miricle. Thanks guys, Len
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    Vintage Ironey

    So last night I tried to login to the "Vintage" computer forum, this site, using my "Vintage" iPad (IOS 9.3.5.) and the login button wont work.... It's funny how we are here to discuss anything about "Vintage" computers, yet unable to access the forum without using a modern computer. I guess...
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    Docs for a Celetron 1085C serial card

    Might anyone have any docs or know about this card? len
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    It's funny how much knowledge we take for granted

    This was a link from a story posted on hack a day http://trochilidae.blogspot.com/2020/12/reverse-engineering-at-17v-and-200khz.html I laughed at the suprise over the 200khz two phase non overlapping clock. Those of use who cut our teeth on 8008's and 8080's are not suprised at all...
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    Modern option to replace a ttl monitor

    I have a xerox 820 mainboard that I am working on. The video output is designed for a ttl monitor. Can anyone recomend a suitable monitor that will work? Len
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    Where to find dec flip-chip edge connectors?

    Hi, I am looking for edge connectors that fit flip chips. Dual row 18/36 pin 1.25" (3.18mm) spacing. I look on all the regular suspects DIgikey/Mouser/etc and can't find any good options. I don't need a backplane, just lose connectors. CHeers, len
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    Video format convertor

    A few years back I seem to remember a thread for a video format convertor. Does anyone know what happened to this project? len
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    This seems a little hard on the heads!

    Ran across this listing on ebay. Both machines booted with the floppy protection disks inserted and locked in the drives...
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    Tms4041 data sheet?

    Can anyone point me to a data sheet for a tms4041 4k x 1 static ram? Tahnks Len
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    Dos 2.0 source released

    In case you missed this https://hackaday.com/2018/10/01/microsoft-releases-crown-jewels-from-1982/#more-327120
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    A pretty good rant!

    I enjoyed this blog. Many of us came from the days where we wrote SW for resource limited machines. Now it seems the goal is to consume every resource just because it's there. It brought to mind a posting where someone said nothing should be written in 'c'... Really? Why, because you cant...
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    Help me identify this switch

    What type of switch is this? Who makes them?
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    I finally ported CP/M!

    This weekend I successfully booted CP/M on my bench system! It was quite a long journey. It started almost exactly a year ago when I restored an Altair I acquired several decades ago. After restoring the Altair I got CP/M working on it using an FDC+. That wet my appetite, but using the...
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    Compatability between Drives

    I have a CPM machine running with two floppy drives on it currently. A teac FD-55GFR and a Tandon TM100 2A. I have the Teac strapped to run at 300RPM. Each drive can read and write its own floppies just fine. The disks can only be read from the drive they were written in. Question...
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    Cromemco 8K Bytesaver transformer question

    Might anyone know anything about the little pulse transformer on the Cromemco 8K bytesaver? Who made the transformer or specs? It's used in the step up inverter circuit for the programming voltage. It's listed as an XT8K on the parts list. I google and find no information. I'm repairing a...
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    The Programmers CP/M Handbook, is disk available?

    Hi, Does anyone have the source code that contains the code in the book "The Programmers CP/M Handbook" by Andy Johnson-Laird? len
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    How do I run msdos using SIMH v4?

    Hi, I'm trying to get msdos working on SIMH. I have the ibmpcxt emulator built and running. How do I get msdos up and running? I've used the pdp11 emulator to run RT11 and BSD 2.11, I found lots of info on the, but I'm not seeing anything for dos... :( CHeers, len
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    Morrow Disk Jocky 1 CP/M disk images?

    Hi, I'm looking for the Morrow Disk Jocky 1 CP/M disk images as referenced in this document on bitsavers: http://www.bitsavers.org/bits/Morrow/decision/floppy/_Morrow_Disk_Numbers.txt On bitsavers they have the 500 and above files. I'm looking for the "400.IMD" images. Can anyone point me...
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    Computpro RAM16 and IMSAI

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if I can get a Compupro RAM16 working in an IMSAI? From the few links I can find it doesn't appear to be promising. I don't mind making modifications to the memory card. I just don't want to make mods to the IMSAI. What 64k cards work well on the Altair/IMSAI buss? len