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    New England 5.25" Panasonic JU-475-3 parts floppy drive

    Hello, I am interested. I have the same drive with one side of the head not working so I could use a donor drive. Can you please PM me? I don't have full posting privileges yet.
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    Looking for a few inexpensive CF card extenders

    Would you please PM me regarding your post here? I'm still unable to initiate PMs on my account. I'm wondering if you'd share the design for that post. Thanks
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    Midwest Vintage PC Parts, systems, software and more

    @Iamlights - can you please contact me, I would like to inquire about pricing for a few items. The email in your profile isn't working. My message got bounced.
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    Other US Areas Voodoo3 Reball

    Thanks, but I ruled out the ram already (replaced all ICs with new parts from a reputable source). I dropped the clock to 100Mhz -- didn't help. Yes, I should check the output voltage from the regulator -- good idea... Pretty certain at this point that it's the core though...
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    Other US Areas Voodoo3 Reball

    I re-balled the GPU myself, turns out that either you're right or the core is defective. I'm betting the core is defective.
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    Other US Areas Voodoo3 Reball

    I replaced the ram with brand new ICs, still the same issue (artifacts). So either the GPU is faulty or the chip needs re-balling.
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    Other US Areas Voodoo3 Reball

    I'm looking for someone to reball my Voodoo3 3000. I will of course pay for shipping and return shipping plus the work. Please PM me with your price. Interesting trades also offered. Thanks