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    Toshiba Libretto 50 CT or Compaq Portable EGA card or JVC 26pin for a PCI Voodoo 3?

    That's right, it's a nifty 16/8 bit ISA VGA card with VGA and Digital RGB TTL outputs. But it has a trick up it's sleeve: It can display incompatible TTL signals on any TTL monitor. It can run CGA and EGA on MDA monitors, MDA and EGA on CGA monitors, and MDA on EGA monitors. Here's a what that...
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    Toshiba Libretto 50 CT or Compaq Portable EGA card or JVC 26pin for a PCI Voodoo 3?

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to get my hands on a PCI Voodoo 3 or PCI graphics card of equal capability. I'm offering a Toshiba Libretto 50CT or a Compaq Portable EGA graphics card (aka Compaq Enhanced Color Graphics), or cash if none of those float your boat. Things I may be willing to trade...
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    Compaq Portable EGA card on eBay

    I'm not the seller but a do have a saved search for the assembly number and I just saw it pop up on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/ENHANCED-COLOR-GRAPHICS-BOARD-EGA-ISA/124185888946?hash=item1cea0e48b2:g:DjoAAOSwfXtevAdi I have one of these catds and I can confirm that this is the assembly...
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    is this a Compaq portable RAM card?

    Looks like it's a weird proprietary expansion module for a DeskPro 386
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    Souped up Compaq Portable 286

    Hey guys, I just wanted to show off my tricked out Compaq Portable 286! So far I've: - Installed a Compaq EGA card - Added a 287XL co-processor - Installed a 16 MHz 80286 CPU (sadly only running at 8 MHz... for now) - Replaced the green phosphor CRT with a white phosphor tube from a Macintosh...
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    Dolch VPAC Plasma Display blues (in orange)

    While I'm waiting for a DC-DC adapter to arrive, I swapped the CRT in my Compaq Portable with one from a Macintosh Classic. Here's a picture from the first smoke test.
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    Dolch VPAC Plasma Display blues (in orange)

    That's great info! My Paradise card has an extra wire running to the feature connector as well! Is 180v the correct operating voltage? Here are the front and back of the video converter board in between the VGA card and the display.
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    Dolch VPAC Plasma Display blues (in orange)

    I bought a Dolch VPAC 386 but I can't get anything to display on the plasma screen. The plasma display (a Panasonic MD480L640PG3) runs on high voltage DC and there's a boost converter inside of the PC, that is powered from a 12v line from the power supply. The boost converter has three output...
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    Any EGA/CGA monitor

    Hey all, I'm looking to buy any EGA or CGA monitor. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, Portland. Thanks, Randon
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    Compaq Portable + Compaq EGA

    Oops, that's the CGA version of PX3. Here it is in EGA glory: And here's one of Monkey Island™
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    Compaq Portable + Compaq EGA

    Here's a few screenshots!