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    King's Bounty on a 1000TX

    I can't get King's Bounty to run on my 1000TX. It just sits there, and doesn't respond to ctrl-alt-delete. I have a full 768K of RAM. I've tried invoking it as 'KB', 'KB T' to force Tandy mode, and 'KB C' to force CGA. Ive tried setting MODE SLOW. The same files run on DOSBOX. Any ideas?
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    NOS Microchannel Ethernet

    I have a shrinkwrapped 3Com Etherlink III Micro Channel 10Base-T adaptor. How's $25 plus shipping sound?
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    TRS-80 Model 3, Model 4, and more

    I've got to downsize, so I'm selling off my TRS-80 stuff. I'd do it piecemeal or as a lot, whatever works. I'm just going to list what I have for now, pictures on request. Computers TRS-80 Model 3 with manual TRS-80 Model 4 TRS-80 Model 1 with PSU TRS-80 Coco 2 26-3026 with 32k mod TRS-80...
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    What on Earth?

    What on Earth is this thing? Is it from a gutted Pong arcade machine?
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    Hatta's classic computers

    Greetings everyone. I have to pare down my collection for a move, so here it is. Everything is tested and in good condition, and I've included links to pictures. Prices are before shipping, I'll figure out actual shipping costs when we make a deal. I figure I'll leave these up for about a...
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    What is this card?

    I pulled this from an Apple IIe. Is this a parallel interface? If so, is it useful for anything other than printers? Would it work in my IIgs?
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    Wanted: BIOS ROM programmed

    I have a shuttle hot-631 that needs a bios chip. I have the appropriate binary, if someone has a 27c128 chip and a programmer I could give them $10 to burn the rom and mail it to me. Thanks
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    Ibm baby 36 computer

    Hey, I saw this on my local Craigslist. Thought someone here might be interested.
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    Can anyone recommend a reliable multimeter? I've gone through maybe half a dozen of the things. I was just using this one to check the starter solenoid on my car. I was getting some real strange readings trying to do a voltage drop test, so I disconnected everything and just tried checking...
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    LBA and DC-4030VL

    Has anyone used the DTC-1181 LBA expansion board? This is supposed to add LBA support to computers with old BIOS so they can use large hard disks. I have one such computer, using a Promise DC-4030VL caching disk controller. I tried using the XT-IDE universal bios, but it is not compatible...
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    Are the TRS-80 Mini-Disks different from the CoCo ones? What's actually required to hook a Mini-Disk up to a Model I?
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    Wanted: VLB Video etc.

    I'm looking for a VLB video card for my 486. I'd like something fairly speedy. I've heard Tseng and Ark are good. Maybe a Mach 32? No Trident. :) I'd also like a VLB IDE controller. Something I can put an XT-IDE universal BIOS in. Something with cache would be really nice. Serial/parallel...
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    Troubleshooting VLB

    I bought a dead 486 in the hopes that I could use the case and some of the parts inside. Of interest was the Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM T VLB, so I got a UMC based VLB motherboard to replace the dead one. Unfortunately, the new board refuses to so much as beep with the VLB card in it. The new...
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    Vswitch on a 1000TX.

    I have a 1000TX with an ATI VGA Wonder as a VGA card. I'd like to still be able to use the TGA so I looked into Tvdog's vswitch utility. This is supposed to support TLs, but I thought it was worth a shot. As packaged, vres/vswitch simply crash my 1000TX hard. But the documentation for the...
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    Parking a hard card

    I have a 1000TX with an aftermarket hard card. It's a Conner CP3201F disk with an Arco Computer Products AC-125 controller card. Do I need to park this hard disk? If so, how would I do that?
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    Ideal DOS on a 1000TX?

    The 1000TX shipped with DOS 3.2, what are the pros and cons of switching to a newer version of DOS? I gather DOS 4 is a piece of crap, so DOS 5 would be the best upgrade? I know I'd get support for larger partitions, but is the tradeoff in RAM use worth it? If I don't go all the way to 5...
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    Tandy 1000EX memory expansion

    I have a tandy 1000EX memory expansion board (25-1062) that is causing memory errors. I've swapped the drams and I get the same behavior. I've even taken the RAM out and it still fails. The tandy works just fine without the card inserted. This card has worked in the past, but I've had it out...
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    Tandy PLUS to ISA adaptor

    I am planning to build an ISA adaptor for my Tandy 1000EX. Am I correct in understanding that since ISA is a bus, I only need to use one of the headers on the memory expansion card, and I can put 2 slots on the same adaptor just by hooking everything up straight through?
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    Honeywell Bull AP-L

    I picked up a Honewell Bull AP-L from Goodwill. It's an old laptop, I really have no other info. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a power supply. There's a little information about what it needs on the bottom. So the way this thing is set up, there's a power jack on the back of the...
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    1000EX with ISA cards

    I have a Tandy 1000EX I'd like to put some ISA cards in. I've read that the PLUS slots are electrically compatible with ISA slots, and all I'll need to do is make a ribbon cable with the appropriate IDC and card edge connectors. That's easy enough, but the 1000EX does not have much room for...