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    Ultimate PDP-8 ideas thread

    Kyle, Good to see you ‘stirring the pot’ on this. I tend to also favor an FPGA approach, as CPLD’s seem to be fading away. My thought is a combination board that could be used to supplement or rescue a PDP/8 (E, A, M). Sorry for the Omnibus focus, but there might be trickledown benefit to...
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    Weight of PDP-8/e components?

    Tom, Google’s first hit on PDP-8/e weight points to David Gesswein’s site for the power supply weight: Pdp-8/e specs. David also gives the total ‘loaded weight’ so with George’s info, you should be able to back into the weight of your system. -C
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    PDP-8/m power supply test, bringup?

    Folks, I’ve found some minor rust on the steel of the case and its components like the p/s cover. Not enough to warrant a full strip and re-paint, but I do hate rust. I’ve been scraping out some of the deeper spots, and I used naval jelly on the p/s cover. I only have gloss black paint at...
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    PDP-8/m power supply test, bringup?

    Jack, Yes, much Goo Gone has been used in this exercise. I vacuum as much as I can, then scrape any loose stuff, then use Goo Gone. I may also clean up with WD40 as needed. Cursing is mostly therapeutic.
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    PDP-8/m power supply test, bringup?

    Indeed, this is taking more time than anticipated. Two words: disintegrating foam! Ugh, I had partially forgotten about this stuff. I got the mat on the slide-off top, and the mat under the omnibus mainboard. Now I am into the back side of the power supply. That foam is extra-sticky. The...
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    PDP-8/m power supply test, bringup?

    Thanks! I am still in the disassembly / cleanup phase of this.
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    PDP-8/m power supply test, bringup?

    Folks, I recently acquired an empty PDP-8/m case that was empty of boards. The rest of the case is intact(ish), backplane, power supply, fans. There is no front panel, only a red plastic insert, and the keylock is just sitting inside the case (still wired). I am familiar with linear supply...
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    PDP-8 OS handlers

    Doug, Could you put your code out on Github so folks can follow along? (Not relevant to your effort). I tried my own improvements to SerialDisk a few years back, mainly to learn more about PDP8 assembly and OS/8. The wall I hit was the size restrictions of the OS/8 handler and trying to save...
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    PDP-8 Ramblings

    Vince, Hard choices, indeed. Having retired recently, I am trying to clear my shop of stuff just so I can have the room to work on things I want to work on. Priorities are hard, and honestly there should be some selfishness in the mix. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point? I think...
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    an ODT for T-11

    Pete, Yes, I have that board. I would like to apply the fix and get it running again. I’ll send a PM with my email so’s to not drag this further offbase. Looking forward to ODT progress! -C
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    an ODT for T-11

    Pete, This is the board a few of us built a while back, right? I can’t recall if it was a kit or just a bare board. I got mine working and it’s in my shop somewhere. Time to dig it out! -Crawford
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    Modern USB to Floppy adapters that are NOT do-all

    Hello, Just to throw this out there, the Adafruit folks have been working on floppy drives connected to Arduino-based controller boards (particularly Raspberry Pi Pico), and making the result show up as a USB block device. It’s a github project Adafruit_floppy You can follow the progress on...
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    Oxidized solder and IC pins - PCB rot

    Pictures of board. Closeup of IC pins: Back of board: Comparison, good board in same system: Comparison, good board back: Hopefully it’s visible that the damaged board is oxidized, but can’t depict how deep the oxidation goes.
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    Oxidized solder and IC pins - PCB rot

    Folks, I have a board I’m restoring, but this is a more general topic, so starting a new thread. The board in question is. Vector Graphic disk controller board, and the condition is somewhat of a mystery. The rest of the system shows normal aging, and is in good condition. This board is the...
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    Early model Vector Graphic MZ

    I have a VG MZ that I’m trying to bring up. I’ve been using the info at deramp.com to get the utilities set up. My MZ must be earier than the one covered on the deramp site: Z80 cpu board (no rom, ram, etc.) Flashwriter II 48k memory card 12k ROM/RAM card Disk interface card Bitstreamer 1...
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    Toms Tool and Tinker in Minnesota, RIP

    Folks, I was in Minneapolis recently visiting my daughter. I went by one of my favorite junk stores in the area, Toms Tool and Tinker. I knew it was closed, but thought there was a slim chance it had been sold. There were actually people there. Tom fell ill, and his children sold the...
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    Planning on dropping by RICM July 14

    Greetings, My wife and I are taking a trip that will allow us to be in Rhode Island on July 14. I’m planning on dropping by the Rhode Island Computer Museum (RICM), for as long as I can, to see what they’re working on and talk with folks. Any pointers for my visit, other than bring my camera...
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    Anyone going to VCF-E

    Folks, Are any of you going to the VCF East show? My friend Maki and I are driving up Friday morning and staying through Saturday. Hope to see some of you there! - Crawford
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    Some P?S/8 files have appeared - might we see it in our lifetimes?

    Folks, I was poking around for some OS/8 source code and I discovered this: http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/academic/computer-science/history/pdp-8/PQS8-related%20Files/ These files are recent (early 2015), which is astonishing, considering the scarcity (some might say absence) of real code, rather...