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    An Obvious Fraud?

    Well I should chime in here as I bought the original eBay item and collected it a couple of months back. Sold by a really nice chap who used to run a business servicing DEC equipment back in the day. This machine belonged to his business partner who recently died and sold on behalf of his widow...
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    Osborne 1 system disks

    Anyone have physical copies they are willing to mail to the UK? My Osborne 1 project has come to the stage where I just need system disks... http://www.vintage-computer.com/vcforum/showthread.php?38700-Osborne-1-restoration Thanks, Richard
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    Osborne 1 restoration

    Been fighting with a non-working Ozzy for the best part of the day. Showed no signs of life other than a quite repetitive chirp from the PSU. Voltages OK when the CPU board is disconnected. Traced the problem to a CCT tant capacitor C71 on the +12V rail to ground. PSU was obviously struggling...
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    Transferring files to XT DOS 3.3 machine

    Sorry if there is an obvious answer to this but here goes: - I've recently acquired an IBM 5155 with two floppy drives and DOS 3.3. I'm eager to get something running on it. How do I transfer files (or even better, folders) to one of the drives of my 5155 via the serial port? I honestly thought...
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    Help with blank screen Model III?

    Hello all, I've recently acquired a model III (diskless version :() in generally excellent cosmetic condition but it's not working. Powering on gives me a blank screen with flyback lines when the brightness is turned up but nothing else. I've changes the usual X2 capacitors on the PSU and...
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    New UK Model III owner - what are my expansion options?

    As per title really. I've acquired a non-disk version with 16K RAM here in the UK. Cosmetically it's in excellent condition. Sold as non-working. I haven't powered it up yet as PSU needs work. Initial route around shows the usual blown caps on the PSU (the PSU looks absolutely identical to my...
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    Osborne 1- Anyone identify this board?

    Hi - can anyone identify this expansion board that is fitted to my recently acquired Osborne here in the UK? The machine is in good general shape but the PSU needs attention so I can't power-up just yet. The Z80 and ROM are removed from the main logic board and sit on this board with...
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    Cromemco System Three

    Anyone want to sell a Cromemco System Three to a UK buyer? Has to be in very good condition or better. Cheers, Richard.
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    Hello from another in UK

    Hello all, Just found this site. Currently have the following at hand: - Acorn Atom Acorn BBC B x 4 Apple ][ Europlus Atari 800 x 3 Atari VCS Commodore PET 2001 & 3040: Commodore VIC-20 Grundy NewBrain - my original computer! Heathkit ET-3400 Intel...