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    my IBM staff

    My cat loves to lie down and sleep in that place very much. There is a cat tower prepared for it, and it does not go in at all. Probably it really liked the paint texture of IBM's retro machines. There are also birds that can see books outside through the curtains.
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    What are you running on your machines?

    My IBM system P servers are running IBM AIX V5.3 ; two IBM AS/400 minis run OS/400 V3R1 & V5R3 One DIY PC running hackintosh Ventura Company Business HP laptop run Windows 10,and my personal macbook pro runs macOS Ventura.
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    my IBM staff

    9406-300 But no system lic, as a cat tower 9406-820 & FC 5035 runs OK, V5R3M0 with SS1 、ST1、QU1、WDS、for my sister's business。 7026-6M1 HA with 7133D40 storage,ran AIX 5.3 for my home server 7026-6H1 HA not in use
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    Looking fir SSP 4.0 for IBM System/36 5364

    This site download may be suitable http://www.bitsavers.org/bits/IBM/System_36/5360_stage_3/
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    What to run on mainframes?

    I have an AS/400 820 system with a big FC/5035 migration cabinet. Used equipment purchased from a polytechnic university. It cames with a websphere MQ license, so I used it to develop a business application for a tea restaurant owned by my sister.It works very well, but the air conditioning...