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    Component level repair

    Does anyone do (for hire) component level repair on boards? I have a Model III that I believed I recapped both power supplies last summer. Plugged in last month, worked for a bit and started getting iffy. Eventually it got to the point it wouldn't boot and I noticed one of the caps in the power...
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    Interesting 2001 on eBay

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-Vintage-Commodore-CBM-2001-Professional-PET-Working-Condition/202563359334?hash=item2f29b79266:g:LMAAAOSwMQ1cOMgA:rk:1:pf:0 Looks like a memory board and possible video mod? Going by the connectors on the ports. The keyboard looks like a butcher job. Not interested...
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    Coco III & HXC SD emulator

    Hello Folks. Does anyone have a guide or walkthrough for using an HXC floppy emulator with the CoCo's? I am able to make a blank disk (image) for the HXC, format it, Dir it, save to it etc. But once back on the PC I don't appear to be able to read from or write to the HFE file? I...
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    Cleaning a Apple ][e keyboard

    Are the Apple ][e keycaps removeable? Does anyone have good hints on how to clean sticky keys on a machine that hasn't been used in 20-30 years? Isopropyl alcohol?
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    PDP-8I for sale on eBay, New Jersey area

    Wish I had the cash, room and ability: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Pdp-8i-Computer-With-Tape-Readers/253828781525?hash=item3b195fd5d5:g:cnAAAOSwCsBa43BZ
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    Good part number for RIFA ewplacement caps

    Digikey has been good when I have ordered through them. P14788-ND CAP FILM 0.22UF 10% 275VAC RAD P10724-ND CAP FILM 10000PF 20% 275VAC RAD The 10000PF didn't perfectly match up to the physical size so I used a new RIFA from Digikey. 399-7478-ND
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    FS: 2x Mitsubishi 360k 5.25 drives

    Well packed, arrived on time, great deal and transaction! Thank you! Buyer: Member id mike1968 (Feedback Score Of 68 Blue star icon for feedback score in between 50 to 99) On a serious note, it was a good transaction! Better deal than I would ever get on eBay, and well packed! The painters...
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    Loading programs using the CoCo serial port

    Hotdog! I think you guys might have found it! I was beginning to think I had lost it... I dug through my old library last night and was able to locate one of the Model-I diskettes that I used to serve files to my CoCo's with. No real clues, just CCH written on it. It might be interesting...
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    Loading programs using the CoCo serial port

    It has been a long time since I had a functional Model-I. But I recall having a serial cable that hooked up my Model-I (which had two floppy drives) to my Cocos (which had no floppys). I vaguely recall having a program to cload software from the serial port. The speed of this would be set by the...
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    Basement archaeological dig

    Hello Folks. I was digging out my Compupro 816 from my basement and found a bag with some goodies. I found some Coco and early Model-I manuals and tapes that may be of value to other VCFed users. I would be willing to scan and/or share information from the the manuals if anyone on here...
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    Mystery EPROM

    I found these two PROMs, on an archaeological expedition in my basement. I am thinking one of two possibility's, monitor roms from an X-80 (A Z-80 trainer made and used in house at Technical Career's Institute), or slim possibility out of an IBM or ITT ATW...? Any ideas? I have a reader here...
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    Hello Folks

    Hello Lyonadmiral. I am from Massachusetts, just between Worcester and Springfield. Glad I discovered this website! I have some old equipment that has rotted away in the basement for far too long that is now being restored RIFA cap by RIFA cap!, I have a pair of Apple ]['s, a pair of...
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    Are there any plans or are there available a DD controller for Model 1

    Hello Ian. Decades later I had never noticed. In fact, after I read your reply, I had to grab my trusty screwdriver and open up my EI. It appears I must have had a lazy tech who made mine... Only one chip appeared to have the numbers sanded off.
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    4P power supply C33/C32 replacement

    Hello Folks. I picked up a 4P from eBay that worked fine for about half an hour when C32 blew on the power supply board. I would also like to replace C33 at the same time. This is one of the Tandy power supply boards as opposed to the Astecs. I did come across...
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    Craigslist Model IV find

    Hello Folks. I picked up a working Model IV with two 5.25" drives. Originally the drives would 'work' but would sound terrible and clunk a lot. Neither drive would format a blank disk. I ran an old 5.25" cleaner disk on it. Which didn’t seem to help much if at all. Since this was a Craigslist...
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    Source for Model I parts?

    Are those two 1.2A transformers in the picture? Judging by the minimum requirements on your notes, would there be any downsides supplying the keyboard and EI simultaneously from the same supply? I think I am going to build up your basic everyday linear power supply such as in your schematic and...
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    Source for Model I parts?

    Hello Folks. I have two Model I's. One is the one I had when I was a kid. Me and my late father used the heck out of it. We had a copy of one of the modifications for the Model-I so we added lower case and the 2.5MHZ hack. I would really like to get this going again for sentimental...
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    Restoring a Model III

    Hello folks. I have a Model III that bought for dirt cheap when Radio Shack disco'd (discontinued) the III, I think I was even able to use my employee discount. Well, I put it in the cellar for ten years, recopied a few of my diskettes and then let it sit for the last 10 or so. Its a bit...