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  1. TJ_Mossman

    Trend paper tape reader and punch

    This guy on epay has a few (non-working) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Trend-paper-tape-punch-reader-/115729333553 Mine developed a PSU fault like most of the others I've seen, so I sold it as I ended up with a DEC PC04 in the meantime.
  2. TJ_Mossman

    PDP-8/e mysterious halts

    I wasted many hours trying to debug an intermittent issue like that on the IC level... It turned out to be a flaky 5V pin on the backplane's power cable. I'd check that first before doing anything else; in my case I could force it to halt by jiggling the cable or tapping the connector with a...
  3. TJ_Mossman

    PDP-11/34 CPU PROMS

    I've sent Jerry an email. I have a couple complete boardsets for the 34a as well as memory, serial, and disk I/O (RX01, RL02, RK05) too if they're of any help.
  4. TJ_Mossman

    PDP-11/34 CPU PROMS

    I thought the 11/34 CPU ROMs had been archived online somewhere but perhaps I'm muddling it up with something else like the M9301..? If nothing turns up I'm happy to lend you a spare M8266, assuming one of you has the ability to dump them.
  5. TJ_Mossman

    RK05 platter seating confusion

    With thanks to SteveG I now have the Scotch pack pictured above to play with! It mounts and spins just fine, but on inspecting the platter I found a few dozen odd specs and bumps (corrosion?) that can't be removed with IPA and Kimwipes, so I won't be able to test the heads just yet. Meanwhile...
  6. TJ_Mossman

    PDP-8 Timesharing - is anyone still doing this on real hardware?

    Does anyone still have a timesharing system running on their PDP-8? I know Josh Dersch modified TSS/8 to run from an RK05 on the LCM's 8/e, but since the LCM closed down I don't know of any other timesharing 8's that are still running. With any luck I'll get ETOS running soon, as I found the...
  7. TJ_Mossman

    Looking for a TU56 Power Supply (the external one) and reassembly advice

    My TU56 also lacked a H716, so I used MPM-30-15ST 15v and MPM-30-15ST 5v power supplies. I wired them in series, using the positive terminal of the 15v and negative terminal of the 5v supplies as a common ground. I also added fuses to match the H716. It's rather ugly right now, but later I'll...
  8. TJ_Mossman

    RK05 platter seating confusion

    A few months ago I picked up an RK05j for my PDP-8/e, and I've finally got around to replacing the foam and testing the electronics, which so far seem fine. However when trying to load a cartridge, it doesn't seem to stick to the spindle magnet correctly, as the platter hits the "duckbill" when...
  9. TJ_Mossman

    Wanted: Help packing and shipping a PDP-11/35 in rack. (Pasadena, CA)

    Is there anyone near the Pasadena CA area who'd be willing to crate up this rack of PDP-11 gear (sans Altair, plus RK05) and drop it off at the Port of LA for me? Cash, hardware, and beer can be provided in exchange. I'd do it myself, but I can't enter the US until the COVID restrictions are over.
  10. TJ_Mossman

    FS: TI-59 Programmable Calculator with PC-100B printer/dock.

    I received a TI-59 Programmable Calculator with PC-100B printer as part of a bundle of other stuff. The printer unit lights up but no voltage appears on the terminals that connect it to the calculator. I believe the battery (which I don't have) needs to be connected for it to work properly. I...
  11. TJ_Mossman

    FTGH: BBC Micro Case and Keyboard

    FTGH: BBC Micro Case and Keyboard. It's pretty dirty but should probably clean up OK. If there's no interest I may consider saving keycaps if anyone needs any. For pics see: https://imgur.com/a/HShJUIa
  12. TJ_Mossman

    FS: VT510 Terminal (Bristol, England. Can ship internationally.)

    Selling my VT510. Good working order, only flaws are the odd scuff and some very minor yellowing. Owned since new, only had a few months of use so no burn-in. Uses a normal PS/2 keyboard (not included) For pics, see here. Open to offers, feel free to DM me.
  13. TJ_Mossman

    MOS KIM-1 with Corsham 60K RAM expansion and I/O.

    Selling my KIM-1 (Rev A, MOS Branded) with Corsham 60K RAM expansion, I/O interface (RS-232 and cassette), and Manual (reprint I think) Working order, got it to run Tiny BASIC last time I had a proper play with it. Has some minor PCB rework but in otherwise nice shape. I'm in England but can...
  14. TJ_Mossman

    FS: Fabri-Tek MP12 Boards and Documentation

    I got some Fabri-Tek gear going spare that was bundled with some PDP-8 stuff I bought recently. They appear to be protoboards of some kind, there's some documents hinting at a custom paper tape interface for a flexowriter compatible teleprinter, so it may have been for that. Obviously selling...
  15. TJ_Mossman

    OS/78 / Commercial BASIC Documentation, and differences between different OS/8 BASICs

    Hi All, I'm planning on doing a few projects in OS/8 BASIC, and am looking for the most feature-complete version I can find. While looking at David Gesswein's site (http://www.pdp8online.com/images/images/os8.shtml), I found that there's a few available - namely: OS/8 with BASIC OS/8 with...
  16. TJ_Mossman

    What is this? Post Photos of Mystery Items Here (vintage computers only)

    I was looking at some Urbexing forums and came across this system, which I presume is a typesetter. https://www.28dayslater.co.uk/threads/lightoller-no-2-mill-haslam-print-works-chorley-march-2021.127735/ Anyone know what it might be? The building is due to be demolished, so if anyone wants...
  17. TJ_Mossman

    "DECtube" (DECtape storage)

    Sewer pipe :p Really I just hang them on the inner edge of one of my racks. Probably not the best solution since the tabs will probably snap off eventually.
  18. TJ_Mossman

    "DECtube" (DECtape storage)

    So it turns out that the standard diameter of rain gutter here is just the right size to hold reels of DECtape... £5 and a trip to the hardware store later and now I have this. I hope someone finds this useful :)
  19. TJ_Mossman

    Refinishing a PDP-8/e panel?? (peeling clearcoat but graphics are intact underneath)

    Hi All, One of the items I saved from the scrapper in Utah was a PDP-8/e. When I first saw the pics of it (showing a snapped and bent bezel), I'd assumed that the front panel had been cracked too. When it arrived however, I could see that the panel itself wasn't in that bad shape. There's a few...
  20. TJ_Mossman

    Replacement bushings and spring for TU56 drive motors?

    Hi All, I've had a 2nd TU56 arrive the other week, and I've just got around to giving it an initial look-over before I start refurbishing it. One thing that was immediately apparent is that all but one of the drive motors had seized up. After getting them out I could see that at some point the...