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  1. mloewen

    Anyone know what kind of daughterboard is on this Kaypro?

    Looks like the 8088 coprocessor board as in the Kaypro 4/84 Plus 88: http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/Kaypro/Kaypro488.html The board was made by SWP Microcomputer Products, and available for several other systems: https://retrocmp.de/kaypro/1985-08-20_SWP-Co-Power-88_kay_OCR.pdf
  2. mloewen

    HP 150 Touchscreen

  3. mloewen

    BYTE, Inc. Backplane Motherboard C61102

    I have the MPU board for the BYT-8, but no other boards. http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/S100/ByteMPU-2.jpg
  4. mloewen

    Newbie questions about the Northstar Advantage 8/16

    That's normal. It's waiting for a <RETURN> (load from drive 1), D2<RETURN> (load from drive 2) or S<RETURN> (load from serial port).
  5. mloewen

    Nondescript Tandy 6000 problem

    A bunch of Tandy experts, including people who designed hardware and wrote Xenix drivers for the big Tandys hang out on the Tandy Discord: https://discord.gg/gy8GAkGJ
  6. mloewen

    Interpret punch cards

    My Documation card reader was working as of a couple of weeks ago.If you feel like shipping them to Central PA, I can read them.
  7. mloewen

    Model 4 Screen 'wobble'

    Jay Newirth is still in business: https://jaynewirth.wixsite.com/newsoft
  8. mloewen

    xtar - what am I doing wrong?

    You don't mount the IMD file. Insert the file into the drive and 'tar -tvf /dev/fd0'
  9. mloewen

    I unearthed three Osborne 1's from storage, and now I have some mysteries to solve!

    Your first system in an "Executive-style" case is actually the second version of the Osborne 1, often called the Osborne 1A. The Executive had 1/2-height drives on the left side of the CRT. http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/Osborne/Executive1L.jpg...
  10. mloewen

    Pound for pound the best mainframe

    And here's one of them, in the MIT museum and its descendant from the SAGE system.
  11. mloewen

    Will be exhibiting my Osborne Executive at VCF East - Need help :)

    Try the FOG (First Osborne Group) archives: http://www.znode51.de/fog/
  12. mloewen

    What Mainframe and why?

    I never saw that, but I do recall guys who made a nest in the cable trays to grab catnaps.
  13. mloewen

    Looking for Osborne 1 Screen PAC and old software respositories.

    Al Kossow is a member of these forums. He may be willing to scan them, if you ask nicely. :)
  14. mloewen

    Looking for Osborne 1 Screen PAC and old software respositories.

    David: I have the Lornes-special-osborne-software.zip file. I'll send you a DM. The Computer History Museum has a schematic for the Screen-Pac: https://www.computerhistory.org/collections/catalog/102665657 You could try contacting Al Kossow at Bitsavers to see if he has it scanned.
  15. mloewen

    TRS 80 Model 4 Should I buy?

    If you power up the Model 4 with no diskette inserted, or just press the RESET button with no diskette, it won't display anything. If you hold the BREAK key while doing a RESET, it should start up BASIC and you'll see text on the screen. You could ask the seller to try it.
  16. mloewen

    Model 4 TRSDOS/LS-DOS versus CP/M

    Back in the day, Montezuma CP/M was my daily driver on my Model 4. All my serious CP/M development was done on that platform. The ability to exchange data between different disk formats is invaluable, and you can roll your own format if it doesn't exist in the MMCPM list. MMCPM also had a...
  17. mloewen

    For Sale: shopgoodwill.com continuous sightings

    Wrong URL. Try this: https://shopgoodwill.com/item/155973176
  18. mloewen

    Kaypro 4 Problems

    Do you have DUTIL.COM on your system disk? It should handle FORMAT.
  19. mloewen

    Mid Atlantic TRS80 Model 3/4 Floppies

    Are there any CP/M disks in there labeled Holmes Engineering, or VID-80?
  20. mloewen

    Writing Zorba disks on an x86 machine

    First of all, what floppy drive do you have on your x86 machine? 360K or 1.2MB? What drives on on the Zorba? What format are the IMD images? Are they 40-track or 80-track? You might have to change IMD settings depending on the image and your x86 drives. Zorbas typically came with 48-tpi (40...