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    Modular NEC Ready and Packard Bell Machines?

    As I was looking through some older computer magazines and reviews/articles. I came upon the NEC Ready Series of machines that were manufactured around Late 1997 with the charcoal black exterior and the DuoFlex ("Modular MCU Detachable Unit"), which quite an interesting chassis design for the...
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    What Card is this

    Can someone please ID this card. I am kinda curious to see what it may be. Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mystery-Computer-Card/272992436895
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    Compaq Prolinea 5133 OEM Recovery/Restore Procedure Help

    Hello everyone, I was wondering on how do you restore a Compaq Prolinea 5133 to the factory OEM Compaq Windows 95 Installation? Is there recovery material for this computer such as the QuickRestore CDs or is there a procedure that I have to follow? I have been scouring online and trying to find...
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    Wierd Pentium 3 AST Minitower PC

    Recently, I went to a friend's house because they were in the process of moving. I managed to find an AST Bravo 219 from the year 1999. I was surprised because I thought AST died down before 1999. The specs are Pentium 3 Slot 1 450mhz, 64 MB RAM, and a 8.4 GB Hard Drive. I looked on the internet...
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    Looking for a Packard Bell Legend 3550CDT or a close model

    Another dumb PB Question: Recently, my friend Seth is on the look for a Packard Smell 3550. It was his supposed "First" Computer and wants to experience it once again. Now, he is accepting a VERY CLOSE model that is related to this computer with almost the same specs. Personally, I owned a IT...
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    What the heck is an Apple Macintosh llvx

    I have never seen this line of the Macintosh llvx. Can someone please provide a background on this computer and tell me if it is worth buying or selling for a reasonable price. Below I have posted an eBay link for one...
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    Vintage Barrel-like CMOS Battery Replacement.

    Hi, I have replaced over 100 Barrel-like CMOS Batteries. Note these batteries require soldering and are very delicate. I am willing to do this for anyone for a very good price. I started doing this since 2002 and would like to help anyone who needs help. PM Me if you want a replacement. I accept...
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    Sony PCG Windows 95 Laptop and Sony Desktop Windows 98

    Hi, I am new to this forum an I am fan of Sony Computers INC. I had a laptop with Windows 95 and want a Desktop with Windows 98. I had the laptop back in the year 2000, but I gave I gave it away. If anybody knows the model of the Sony Laptop with Windows 95 and can recommend me a Sony Windows 98...