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    opening up a TRS-80

    Ive been away from the hobby for a while now, but now decided to try to repair my broken TRS-80 model 4. I removed all the screws except for the feet but it doesnt seem to want to open up and I dont want to force it. What am I doing wrong? I did this on a model 3 a while back and dont remember...
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    Obsolete Computer Books

    OBSOLETE COMPUTER BOOKS I have some old computer books I need to get rid of. They are hardback, big, and apparently someones old college books. The following books are for sale to be shipped media mail: 1. Minicomputer Systems - Organization, programming, and applications (PDP-11) - Richard H...
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    free TRS-80 parts

    from an old model 3. Im not standing in line at the post office, though. Come and get it. Ive got disk drives, monitor, other crap, etc. It was a real worn out old model 3, so the stuff is not guaranteed to work good.
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    Free printer

    I have a huge printer for free. Its never been used and is in MINT condition. Its the Panasonic KX-P2624 24 PIN Mulit-Mode printer. I was the one who opened the box and took it out new. I also have the operating instructions. Come to my house in Cape Coral and get it. My cell is 239-565-0935...
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    Anthony's preforeclosure sale

    Computers are for sale for DIRT CHEAP! get this stuff for just a FEW BUCKS! Im talking, PRACTICALLY FREE. All you need to do is drive over here to my house in Cape Coral and get it. Sorry, but I cant ship this heavy ass stuff off to you (unless you want to pay all that shipping cost) Heres...
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    Apple MAC software seekers, click here!

    I have no job and am bored. So today I went to the thrift shop to look for shit I dont need. Low and behold, I see about 100 disks which looked like Amiga software to me. Upon closer investigation, heres what I found: There are several plastic disk file boxes that are full of disks, and most...
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    Amiga 500 for sale

    Im selling my Amiga. It works great. computer monitor power supply mouse software, including "work bench" disk. (Most of the software is not very interesting.) The AMiga 500 is an awesome computer and has excellent sound when hooked up to a sterio.... If interested, send an offer to...
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    huge box of Apple II software!

    Ive got a huge box of Apple II software that I bought years ago. Ive been saving it, hoping to use it some day when I find an old Apple computer to go with.... But things have changed. I need to sell my house and start selling things. If you would like to see ppictures of the disks, email me...
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    * Im selling my TRS-80 model 4 *

    I never thought Id be writing this, and I hate to do it, but I need to sell my TRS-80 model 4. Im going to have to sell my house soon, and I need to start sellling a lot of stuff, actually. And since my TRS-80 model 4 recently broke, I think its the first thing I might as well get rid of. A few...
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    My Model 4 Is Going Nuts!

    Something went wrong with my model 4 tonight. Heres what happened: I go to play a game. So I turn the computer on and then put the disk in and hit the reset button. The screen comes up but goes off to the right and makes a high pitched noise. Its not supposed to do this. So I take the disk out...
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    my new keyboard

    I found a new keyboard for my PC. Here I am on the internet and im typing into an old WANG keyboard! I didnt know WANG was still making stuff in the late 80s - early 90s when this was made. Its one of these old keyboards where when you press the key, it makes a little "click" sound with each...
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    HUGE new dot matrix printer

    I have a HUGE dot matrix printer that I got brand new. I threw the box away when I originally got it. I found it "new" at the thrift shop. I realize that this thing is taking up way too much space in my house for something I never use. Ive never needed to use it once. Who knew, right? Anyway...
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    model 4 freezes up

    The other day I was typing in BASIC on my model 4. then something happened that reminded me of Windows. It froze up. The curser would not move. Letters would not type. I had to reset. I didnt know that this happens on those kinds of computers. did you?
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    burning TRS-80?

    Ive had my TRS-80 model 4 for many years now. (its the picture in my avatar). Well, last night something really weird happened. I was using BASIC and then decded to step out of the room and get a snack. After eating, when I came back, the room smelt like it was on fire! I got worried and was...
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    * Pictures *

    I thought you guys might appreciate these. Your best buddy, Computer Collector
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    1969 computer

    There is a guy at another forum I belong to who is trying to get rid of an old boat anchor. Here is the link http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=92067 I told him to join this forum and try to sell it here. I even told him you guys would be begging for it. Maybe he will do it...
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    vintage VCR website

    http://www.totalrewind.org/vhs/H_8600.htm I thought this was pretty cool. I just ran across it
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    word processing program

    I have a trs-80 and would like to be able to do some word processing on it. I do not have word processing software, though. Is there a simple BASIC program I can type on it that will give me a word processor program? If so, type it here, or LPRINT it and mail it to me, or scan it and upload the...
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    tandy 1000

    My vintage computer room is so full that I need to get rid of something. I really dont want to, but I have no choice. So what I decided to do was to get rid of the tandy 1000, because I use it the least, and I was never a big fan of computers from that era to begin with. But Im only going to...
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    word processing program for trs-80

    I have a model 4. I would like to buy a program compatable with my computer that I can type reports or stories on (word processing). I am willing to buy copies, it doesnt have to be the actual original disk.