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    access aim via console

    Hi. I am working on a project with some people at Infoage to make a model 15 teletype receive text messages from a cell phone. At some point, I determined that one can send a text message to an AIM account, which could connect via terminal to the TTY interface program being used, and send it to...
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    60-120-240 Hz Television

    How many distinct images per second is the brain capable of processing? I really doubt its anything near to what most TVs advertise.
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    Imagewriter 2 Cable and ribbon

    Hi. I just picked up an Apple IIc setup with monitor, mouse, and an Imagewriter II. I did not get the cable for the Imagewriter. Is this simply an ebay thing, or will some other cable work? Also, are the ribbons obtainium?
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    Help ID'ing: AN/FYQ-90a HP terminal? computer?

    I am trying to figure out what this thing is. It is a keyboard, and a backplane of cards going back. The cards are all HP. Any ideas?
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    Ever heard of an AT&T QC Terminal?

    I have come across one such machine. Its size is consistent with lunchbox computers. What appears to be a dot matrix LCD flips up, and a compact keyboard slides out on the bottom. It appears to have a QIC cartridge post, which would explain the name. Google turned up nada. Anyone know anything...
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    Compaq Portable III disassembly

    I picked up a Portable III at a flea market today, which seems to have a power supply problem. I've been trying to get the supply out to have a closer look, but I haven't the slightest idea how. I removed the back cover, the main board, monitor board, and the drives. How does the power supply...
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    Time is GMT?

    I had never noticed this before. Has it always been that way, of is a recent development when changing servers. I would think most here are in the US
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    IBM 5150 Power Supply voltages

    On both the motherboard and the disk drives. What voltages should be found at these connections. Its a 16-64 with original PSU
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    Curbside 5150 pickup, help please...

    I picked up a 5150 from someone's bulk pickup pile. The motherboard is marked as 16-64KB. It has two 5.25" full height drives. It has markings that indicate that it was used by Bendix. It has a color graphics board, and two boards made by Quadram. I have no CGA monitor. What does the RCA...
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    2513 Character ROM or Substitute

    I have decided to build a video terminal for starters, before I head on to a computer. Will probably need it for said computer. Looking at the TV Typewriter II. It requires an obsolete IC, the 2513 Character ROM. Does anyone know of a place to get this, or of an available substitute?
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    Plans for Mark-8 computer

    Does anyone here have the full plans for the Mark-8 computer from the early 70's?
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    Trading a P4 PC for a boatload of old Apple equipment

    Found someone local who has a bunch of Apple Equipment for sale. He told me he would be willing to trade for an old P4 Computer I have lying around. The equipment includes: Two Apple III Computers Two Profile Hard Drives One Apple IIc System with Monitor, stand, and power brick One Apple IIgs...
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    I want to build a computer from scratch

    No, I do not mean by going out and buying a P4, a motherboard, and a video card. I want to completely build a functioning computer from scratch, as a learning experience in both computer and electrical engineering, so that when I start applying for colleges next year, I can say that I built my...
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    My upcoming audio setup

    I am buying this at some point today, and have to pick it up within the week. Only has the capability to play 45 rpm records, and has only a monoural tube amplifier, but look at it? $200 ain't bad.
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    Just bought my first car...

    1995 Volvo 850 Turbo. Has every imaginable option, including leather seats, sunroof, and 10 CD changer. Has front and side airbags, ABS, and Traction Control. Nice and safe. Needs a $400 ABS ECM, but the tires are new, so thats one less $400 we have to worry about. Got it for $2500.
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    HP 110 Plus

    Just aquired this for free. Seems somplete. Has a jury-rigged A/C Adapter. I can't find a power switch on it. How do I turn it on?
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    Car/Physics Question

    I found a car I really like. Its a 1976 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. Its a gas guzzling, 5,000 pound tank of a car. I love the way the thing looks, its driveable except for a power steering leak, and its going for under $1000. My question is this: When in an accident, which is truly safer: A...
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    Anyone here into Online Star Trek RPG?

    I started up my own ship a few months back, the USS Asimov. It didn't take off at the time, but I hope it may this time. Most positions will probably be open, as I doubt the old crew will be coming back. Here's a link to the forums. http://ussasimov.net/forum/index.php
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    Tubes for old Audio

    I recently dug out an old reel to reel portable player in my basement. Turns out its from the Late 50, and belonged to my grandfather. Made by Recordio. I plugged it in and set up an old tape (christmas music) and heard nothing. I hooked up a microphone and heard nothing. I knoticed an auxiliary...
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    Restoring an old car

    My father has an old 1962 Buick Electra 225 4 Door Sedan sitting in our garage. His father, who died in 1970, bought the car new. Its been there since we moved it over 10 years ago, and before that, it was in our old house's garage. He had to have it towed to the new house. I am thinking about...