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    Sony VAIO PCV-W600G AIO desktop recovery

    Yeah, that was the vibe I got from my searches. An unpopular PC maker with an even more unpopular PC model. Mine is the Sony Vaio PCV-W600G PCV-9901 version. Feels like a Chevy Suburban with a 3 cylinder engine. I think it basically is a laptop board stuffed inside a desktop AIO case...
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    Sony VAIO PCV-W600G AIO desktop recovery

    Greetings! I'm looking for anyone who might have one of these beasts and has a copy of the Recovery discs with drivers. I've tried some clean installs of Windows 98SE and ME with no luck getting them to recognize much of the hardware. My internet searches for drivers has yielded a little...
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    8 bit IDE (XTA) Replacement Project

    Fascinating work! I'll be watching this closely as I have several of those IBMs mentioned needing replacement drives (pair of PS/1's and a pair of PS/2's of differing flavors). This might even be worth having in my emergency repair kit for troubleshooting.
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    Vintage Anti-virus software

    I'm curious what folks are using for scanning the software and files they have on old 5.25" and 3.5" floppy disks as well as any they might use to perform scans on installed hard drives. I acquired a box full of old floppy disks that were well used and of assorted sizes and labelled purposes...