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    Revisited Sheepshaver after a few years away. I'm impressed.

    That's not true for the original SheepShaver for BeOS on BeBox and PPC Macs, it runs code directly on the cpu. It needs a PPC Mac Rom on the BeBox but it accesses it directly on any supported Apple computers.
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    Western Europe [FS] PC Weasel 2000 ISA MDA to VT100/ANSI serial terminal

    Small update to say I scanned and uploaded the manual at https://archive.org/details/pc-weasel-2000
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    Performa 450 new user

    I beg to differ, it usually works after a cold reboot (or maybe just a soft one), a bit like the PowerMac 6100. I have a spare 10dipswitch adapter somewhere, I'll send you a PM.
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    Western Europe [FS] PC Weasel 2000 ISA MDA to VT100/ANSI serial terminal

    Card designed for remote access to a PC, including the Bios. Recognized as a MDA display adapter and use a serial terminal for input/output. Price: 175€ plus shipping. It's also on ebay.
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    LPT to IDE interface

    I have an enclosure for an atapi CD drive, it also works with IDE harddrives, uses a Kingbyte kbic-971a chip. https://web.archive.org/web/20000611231057/http://kingbyte.com/product/ki3020aa.htm
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    Western Europe For sale: ROM-Win 8bit ISA boot card with NT4.0

    Model RW-XT-001, boots Windows NT4.0 in japanese. More infos on the official website: https://web.archive.org/web/20010220123522/http://www.rom-win.co.jp/english/e_top.htm https://web.archive.org/web/20091130032053/http://www.rom-win.co.jp:80/RWHP/support/RWsup/Support.htm Asking 30€ plus...
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    486 Laptop PCMCIA options

    You would need a scsi dvd reader too, and a tv cause 486 laptops don't have a ZV capable pcmcia port.
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    486 Laptop PCMCIA options

    -For sound, lots of options, usually hard to find and expensive. -For storage, CF adapters, pcmcia flashcards and hdd, generic SCSI or IDE adapters, dedicated pcmcia cd-rom, iomega zip100 for example -faster serial port -parallel port -Fm radio -Joystick adapters -Graphic cards, but it's more a...
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    Does anyone here own an AST Ascentia 950N?

    I have the Ascentia 700N, known in some countries as the Bravo NB/Advantage Explorer. The same model was also sold by Dell and Siemens-Nixdorf.
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    Corel Netwinder

    12V 2A, power supply specs from http://www.netwinder.org/faq.html#1.11
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    PCMCIA CF Card woes (Windows 95 and Windows 98)

    You said the card is recognized as a ide/esdi controller but doesn't give a driveletter, how does it show up in System Properties? Try ataenab from https://tssc.de/ in pure DOS, or cbata/unata if your chipset is cardbus compatible. You can also try Cardware 7 for Win98 from the same website.
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    Picked up something that might be interesting to SUN workstation fans, a Penguin x86 SBC

    There were some attempts to start/initialize those cards on non Sun machines: First result of https://www.google.com/search?q=furan+sunpci
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    Corel Netwinder

    The website news page mentions a legal problem forcing them to remove the firmware from the website, and the images that contained it. First time I read about the Netwinder was in a french edition of the Linux Magazine, which I might still have somewhere... I have an Office Server desktop model...