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  • From now on we will require that a prefix is set for any items in the sales area. We have created regions and locations for this. We also require that you select a delivery option before posting your listing. This will hopefully help us streamline the things that get listed for sales here and help local people better advertise their items, especially for local only sales. New sales rules are also coming, so stay tuned.

New Buyers and Sellers - Read This! (Using Private Messages)

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May 3, 2003
We get a lot of new users who come here looking to sell their vintage computer equipment. We encourage this, but to cut down on 'noise' in the forums we want you to try the following:


  • Post a thread here with a description of your items
  • Be sure to include where you are located
  • Are you willing to ship an item? If so, how far? (US, Canada, Europe?)
  • Do you have a price range in mind? If so post it.
  • Check your private messages! (See below)
After that potential buyers may contact you ...

If you are looking for more of an auction format, consider using our marketplace instead. (No fees!)


If you are interested in an item and you have a question where the answer might be of interest to other people, then post a public reply. If the answer will be of no interest to anybody except you, then send a private message. A good example of something that should be private is 'How much will shipping cost to my zip code in a blue box with white stripes?'

Using Private Messages:

What is a private message? Besides the threads you see here, there is a 'private message' system used for one-to-one communication between forum members. Look for 'Private Messages" in a title bar near the top of the page. Here is a direct link:

Warnings about specific buyer/sellers:

This is our hall of shame - you have to work pretty hard to get your own thread:

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