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Al Hartman

I'm currently disabled. I became disabled in a fall in 2006.I'm an avid reader, enjoy Star Trek and all kinds of science fiction. I love music. I love cooking. I love helping people.I worked for many years as a Computer professional, repairing computers, selling and installing networks, and supporting end-users on help desks.I started out with a TRS-80 Model I in 1979, bought a PC Compatible in 1983, and have owned every kind of micro computer along the way.I have expertise in both the Mac and PC worlds.

The Sean Hannity Show, The Marines, Star Trek, Computers, Science fiction, Politics, Reading Books S


-----[ Al ]-----

3 - TRS-80 Model I, TRS-80 Model 4D, LNW-80 Model I, Coco, 3 - Coco 2, Coco 3, 2 - Tano Dragon 64, C64, C64c, C128, 2 - Atari 800XL,
Atari 520-ST, Atari Mega-2 ST, Amiga 1000, TS-1000, TS-2068, ZX-Spectrum, IBM 5150, 2 - Apple ][gs, Laser 128, and a butt load of Macs and Intel PCs.