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WTB: DEC PDP8-E rack header panels, PC04, TM8E, TU60, VR14, VR17, RL8A cable (BC80J)
CESI modules (CPU8, MDC8, QUADART, SLZ8), TSC8-75 ETOS board, DM8E20 Multi8 board

Do you still have any of the RX02 boards available?

Is there a utility to transfer files from a PC to the SD card in the correct format for it to read it as a valid floppy or do I need a dual RX02 system: 1 with your emulator and the other with real RX02 drives to copy the disks across?


replied via DM
I see you posted for that 11/73. I believe I have one too. Maybe be a newer rev. It does not have the FP. I believe it worked when I tried it years back. I
use an 11/83 in my 11/84 system. Let me know where you are. Shipping has gotten expensive though.
Did you ever find a buyer for your broken green phosphor monitor? I'm down in the twin cities. May be a fun project.

- tj.
Looking for a Teletype Model 33 ASCII Terminal and punch tape reader. Also any Zilog S8000 M20 parts.