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Do you still have that Sanyo MBC-885 manual? If so, could you check to see if it has schematics within it?
Still have it, but no schematics. Strictly high-level user stuff. Sorry.
Even have a CPT Word Processing Manual that was used to teach secretaries how to use all the features of the CPT Word Processor, in scanned digital form. If you have a working CPT 8X00 this will be an early Christmas present! I will send for free - Just tell me where.

P.S. Also have scanned schematics of all of the 8X00 circuit boards too.
Hi Witchy, I had contacted you years ago and then have been offline for a while. I have CPT 8x00 program disks, i.e. boot disks. I can make you copies and send them to you. These disks can be created for you: CPT 8000 Program Rev H. CPT 8500 Program Rev. G. CPT 8X00 Diagnostics (Memory test, Floppy test, Display test, etc.)
More in next message...
Hello Edzard...I see that you are from the Netherlands too ! Let me react on you post later today ..It is quite busy now..

Summarized: I'm still busy with restoring.. But I'm able to boot CP/M !!

Kind regards