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I had some spare time today so I updated my comments about the Olivetti L1M20 memory map above 512K. I also included some old MS-DOS/PC-DOS utilities for PC-DOS version 2.00 more or less. Other L1m34 notes. But I did not include any disassemblers or cross-compilers or cross-translators.
I've got lots of 3.5" HD floppy diskettes. All in cellophane. They were driver diskettes for laptops. I broke up quite a few for parts when I had my laptop business. I've been using these diskettes for my own needs for a couple of years and haven't had a problem with failures. You need to delete what's on them and remove the labels or put a new label over the old one. I can stick a bunch in a box and post them.


I hope this method of contact is OK.

1. I scanned documents for the NCR PC8. How can I contact the Oldcomputers-ddns.org website? I didn't find an email address.

2.My DMV is booting again with Gotek. Do you know anyone who has a DMV 10Mb image I could use with David Gesswein's MFM emulator? I'm still having no success with the hard drive.

Best regards

Jon Hales