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Hi Kyodai, I have been following your posts on here and the new location for Tankraider. I have a Sharp PC3000 with no contact to outside world. Do you have still your Winimage image of your 2MB SRAM created by your Pocquet? Many thanks, Will (restricted chars)
Hi Andy,
Where can I get the code for that very cool display on your PET ?
After 48 years, Zilog is killing the classic standalone Z80 microprocessor chip (official notice was issued April 14 of this year)
The discontinuation list provided by Zilog in its letter includes 13 products from the Z84C00 series,
Who knows how long before they the end the Z80380 microprocessor as well as the eZ80.
Do to this host Chr$ limitations that's all.
N. Brown
The management at Zilog has been brain dead for years now.
By now you thing they would of had standard Z80 microprocessors that run faster then 20MHZ and had multicore capacity.
God sakes Lirpa Research Corporation in 1993 had 16 Cores in an ABBA (Advanced Bifurcated Base Aggregate) unit.
Each processor on the ABBA processor module is a enhanced Z80-based parallel Architecture.