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    Various ethernet 15-pin MAUs Really Cheap

    Remember when access to a physical ethernet involved actual cables: thick net, thin net, cat 5, drop cables .... I have 10 Medium Access Units (9 mini, 1 regular) to give away. Also (I think) I have a single drop cable somewhere. Anybody want them? Pictures below. I will mail any of these...
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    Sun Blade 100 For Sale

    FOR SALE 2021/03/10 Sun Blade 100 computer UltraSparc IIe 500MHz processor 1G RAM 15G Hard Drive 68-pin SCSI card Internal SCSI CDRW drive Solaris 10 newly installed Solaris 10 installation CDs included $100 Canadian + shipping Picture Gallery Anyone crazy enough to give this much-loved...
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    Anybody want a Sparc LX and some related parts?

    I am the proud owner of a couple of Sparc LX machines, along with an assortment of SCSI cables, a keyboard or two, a mouse, and several archaic versions of Solaris. Before I go to a lot of trouble to document every detail, is anyone interested in this stuff? I will gladly send it to a good...