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    Mid Atlantic WTB - TI-99/4A 32k Expansion / PEB / UberGROM / Stuff

    I have all of the above and more, but the PEB is big and heavy
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    Laptop pieces-free for shipping cost

    And I see your (not-so-old) post. I think I still have the remains of a junked laptop. Send me your address privily and I'll try to pay attention.
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    Laptop pieces-free for shipping cost

    I have a few components: Fujitsu MHV2040AH 40GB UDMA/100 5400RPM 8MB IDE 2.5" Hard Drive Panasonic UJDA750 DVD Player A-Tech 6521 AA 5514 L/h445/v 1gb DDR Memory Stick RAM Module (2) Toshiba Satellite Modem Card G86C000F110 Toshiba MiniPCI PA3272U-1MPC LG LP154W01 LCD Panel I can't...
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    OKIDATA GM3315B 5¼" third-height floppy drive 360KB

    It's about 28mm high, three would fit in a full-height bay. Worked fine when last used several years ago. $20 shipped to USA only.
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    1.2MB 5¼" floppy disks never opened

    I have three boxes that I'll never use: one box of Dysan disks and two boxes of KOA, ten disks each box. Never roasted nor frozen, should be good. $12 each, shipped via USPS priority, USA only.
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    Epson SD-521 40-track drive

    This drive came from a defunct Kaypro-10 many years ago. It's not quite this pretty but not trashed. $12 shipped, USA only
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    Three one-third height drives for sale

    I have two 5¼" drives and one 3½" drive that would fit in the space where one full-height drive used to live. They should fit in a TI PEB but I doubt the stock power supply would be adequate. This is a project that's been on my back burner for so long that I've decided to give it up. $50...
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    Two 5¼" 1.2MB floppy drives $12 each

    Both are Epson, one is a SD-600, the other is a SD-680L. I've not used them in 19 years and want to move them out. Not guaranteed but should be fine. $12 each, USA shipping included.
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    Fujitsu 5¼" half-height floppy drive

    M2551A26B serial# 80800184 drive-select soldered to DS1 (of DS0-DS3) I don't know what to call the color other than it's not black and I wouldn't call it beige. $10 to the first taker- USA only please.
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    Empty 5¼" SCSI HH drive boxes

    Built-in power supply, SCSI connectors and switches which can be removed. Suitable for 5¼ floppy drive. $10 shipped.
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    Three SCSI boxes for shipping cost only!

    Generic boxes, two metal and one plastic, will hold half-height drives. All have power supplies, power, and select switches. Plastic one has an internal fan, not sure about the metal ones. They have worked but not recently so not guaranteed. If no takers, I'll recycle them, I just don't want to...
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    Two 60MB Emerald tapes

    $6 for shipping cost please (might have data on them)
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    SCSI tape drives; free for shipping cost

    I have two Archive model 2525S tape drives that are headed to _____ unless someone wants them.
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    5¼" Epson floppies; Reference, Utility, and DOS 4.01

    I'd like to see these disks go to a home for what it costs me to ship them. Hopefully I can upload pictures of all 9 disks, they look to be in perfect condition, no WP notches so the data should be intact. They are in a couple of hard plastic cases and should ship priority mail for $6.80