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    Ontario Price Check for Tandy 1000 TX with Keyboard and Tandy CM-5 Monitor

    Well to be blunt the CM-5 is a junk monitor, If I were to try to buy I would not want the CM-5. Therefor a small price reduction would be good. Besides I have an RGBtoHGMI convertor. And there are a few TX's on eBay right now over priced as usual.
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    MFM Drives and Related stuff for sale.

    WD are usually the best. WD1003-wa2 I would recommend I think it also has a floppy controller.
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    Model 4 (Non Gate Array) no picture diagnostic advice

    In theory you could put a Gate Array top on a NGA and it should work if you can get the connector to the GA video board. Have done in the past. GL
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    Vertical Hold Adjust on a Model 4?

    Good to hear.
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    Vertical Hold Adjust on a Model 4?

    Boot in Model III mode by doing the reset break key combo. Signal should be stable there. If it is than boot up in The Model 4 mode using LS-DOS or TRS-DOS 6.x. In the Model 4 NGA there should be a trim capacitor to stabilize the signal. Should be upper left corner if I remember correctly. Yes...
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    PCjr with no video.

    Glad I could help out in a small way.
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    The South Looking for a BTC 5060 IBM XT/AT style keyboard with 10 function keys on left side

    As title says I am looking for a BTC 5060 IBM XT/Early AT style keyboard with 10 function keys on left. Or maybe a Model F if price is reasonable. Let me know what you have.
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    How to wire up Auto boot ROM for FreHD Gate Array

    Yeah I remember that little board. Thanks
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    PCjr with no video.

    Check with Modem7 (minuszerodegrees.net) see if he has the ROM images
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    PCjr with no video.

    I once got a Jr that was basically new in box. When turned on nothing happened. I was going crazy. (Usual for me!) anyway long story short the ROMS somehow went bad. So someone sent me the ROM images, put them in the Jr. and all went well booted up and worked fine after words.
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    How to wire up Auto boot ROM for FreHD Gate Array

    As the title says I need to know how to wire up the auto boot ROM for the FreHD on a Model 4 Gate array.
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    TRS-80 Model 4 (Gate Array) cover won't go back on

    When you try to put the top back on look into the top disk drive cutout and make sure the CRT neck isn't hanging on any wires. Also make sure any power supply wires aren't preventing the top from going on. Just a couple of ideas. Even my Model 4 hangs slighly in the back right corner sometimes.
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    The South IBM PS/2 30MB Hard drive

    Price changed to Or Best Offer!