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    PS/2 model 30 (8086) troubles

    "mode con lines=50" This will not work on Model 30 8086 because they do not have an onboard VGA but a souped up CGA called MCGA that do supports only some VGA video modes. See this: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-Color_Graphics_Array
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    MOD Trackers or other useful music software that'll run on 286/10?

    My vote for Mod Master https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=1063034 it plays .mods just fine on a 10mhz 8088 over NFS ...
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    Need Help Identifying 8 bit ISA RAM card

    Sure, it's much better to use the EMS memory for cache or a RAM disk but, if you want to test UMBs on that 808x this is your only option. There are more capable EMS (4.0) cards able to achieve both aims.
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    Need Help Identifying 8 bit ISA RAM card

    Yes The problem is that, unlike EMS 4.0 cards, 3.2 ones do not allow to map memory outside of the page frame so either you use that 64k for UMBs or you use it to bank switch EMS memory pages To be able to have both you need a real EMS 4.0 card
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    Need Help Identifying 8 bit ISA RAM card

    Hmm, the problem is that you have an EMS 3.2 memory board It is not capable of mapping memory outside the 64kb page frame ... Use the FL=0 parameter as instructed, get 64kb of UMBs and forget the rest of the memory
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    Need Help Identifying 8 bit ISA RAM card

    You need QRAM not QEMM (386) https://winworldpc.com/product/qram/2x It can use (E)EMS 4.0 memory mapping abilities to fill memory into UMBs Works perfectly on all my 286s and should work with 8088/86 XMS isn't a memory technology It's an API to access memory which can be extended, expanded or...
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    XT High density floppy code.

    You can get original ROM dump here: http://minuszerodegrees.net/rom/bin/sunix_sun-4300.bin Prime did not add the 0s they were there yet. Looking at the disassembled sources there are some spots of what seems (to me) unreachable code It certainly does not look like data but I cannot imagine how...
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    368max opensourced

    source code of 386MAX and related tools has been released under the GPLv3 license https://github.com/sudleyplace/386MAX
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    XT High density floppy code.

    I'm trying to make this BIOS fit in 4096 bytes. There is a padding directive to make the ROM size exactly 8K: times 07B1h db 0FFh ; Ensure size is romSizeK if I remove it, the resulting binary is 4175 bytes long Almost there but I see that there is further padding with 0s in...
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    SCSI emulator?

    I've had good results with SCSI2SD (V5) http://www.codesrc.com/mediawiki/index.php/SCSI2SD#Compatibility
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    3C503 on IBM PC AT: The LSL is not loaded

    You need a TCP/IP packet driver Seems you are using an ODI driver intended for IPX/SPX (Novell Netware) instead That won't work
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    Olivetti M300-30 - intel 80486sx 25MHz

    Look at this: https://www.tindie.com/products/glitchwrks/gw-12887-1-ds12887-rtc-replacement-module/
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    What should I look for in an Ethernet card for an XT-class computer?

    I've found out where the problem is. In file PNPPD.ASM there is this table: ... IRQTable db 9,3,4,5,10,11,12,15 ; Jasper 10/05/94 ... so the fix is very simple Change this to: ... IRQTable db 2,3,4,5,10,11,12,15 ; DRR 18/12/21 ... and problem solved. Notice that this works also...
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    Eastern Europe Various stuff from XT up to Pentium

    Quite a few interesting things there ... I'm certainly interested in that Promise DC-4030 ROMs Are you based in Poland?
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    PC-DOS 3.2 for 5150

    Maxtherabbit, try this one I used it a lot in the early 90's with, back then obsolete, memory cards. It includes a high memory ram disk and TSR loader as well as full source code and extensive documentation.