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    16 bit ide controller in a 8 bit slot

    Are you sure that Device Type is configured as "16-bit ISA IDE in 8-bit mode" in XUD? Are you sure that IDE interface work on both cards? Maybe your CF card do not support 8-bit mode I've got good results with these Cisco CF cards...
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    16 bit ide controller in a 8 bit slot

    Yes, it works with a CF card (8-bit mode) OR a (micro)SD card with a proper SD2IDE adapter (most of those adapters use a FC1307A chip which is actually a SD2CF chip able to do 8-bit mode) See these pages...
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    DOSKEY for DOS3.31

    You will find a very good clone (with lot of enhancements) here: http://paulhoule.com/doskey/
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    EMS and XMS memory distribution on a 286 motherboard

    The error seems to be related to the infamous A20 line: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/A20_line To access extended/high (first 64k of extended memory) memory you need to enable it. Unfortunately everyone had his own method to it ... So Either you haven't configured properly the board jumpers...
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    Quick Survey: What version of Dos for XT machines?

    A really odd duck!! I'm looking for it since ages Do you intend to archive it??
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    CP/M for PS/2 Model 60?

    DRI changed names when they changed versions of its mutitasking/multiuser OS: * MP/M was the original name up to version 2.x * Concurrent CP/M and Concurrent DOS (when they added MS-DOS compatibility) were versions 3.x and beyond up to version 6.x (DRI added the XM suffix when Concurrent DOS...
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    Quick Survey: What version of Dos for XT machines?

    IBM/MS-DOS 3.21 on those that do not have HD floppies and IBM/MS-DOS 3.30 on the rest. This was the last DOS version intended for those machines.
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    Looking for Borland's TMAKE.EXE for PTS-DOS

    Yes, you can I have a 286@16mhz dual booting PTS-DOS and S/DOS There are several methods but, since I've pts-dos installed, I did this way: save PTS-DOS boot sector to a file, copy S/DOS system files to root dir, hexedit the boot sector replacing PTSBIO.SYS for SBIO.SYS and use LOADSYS...
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    Best/Recommended DOS Emulator?

    PCem has a new maintainer Its "spiritual" successor is x86box https://86box.net/ This is the one I recommend
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    Looking for Borland's TMAKE.EXE for PTS-DOS

    Simply remove/add the required languages to REMAKE.BAT By the way Jenz has done an impressive work of fixing bugs and add very cool features to original COMMAND.COM, contact with him to get them Absolutely recommended!!
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    Looking for Borland's TMAKE.EXE for PTS-DOS

    Usually you must run REMAKE.BAT to build the programs Everything builds just fine
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    Looking for Borland's TMAKE.EXE for PTS-DOS

    I'm playing too with Paragon PTS-DOS sources (S/DOS) The files they mention are a mix of TASM 3.1 and 3.0 ones. The make they are using is MAKER.EXE from TASM 3.0, simply rename it as TMAKE.EXE (in the kernel build batch they use the name MAKE.EXE). The rest of the files (DPMI*.*, TASM, TDSTRIP...
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    Western Europe Octek 286 and 3x Socket 7 Motherboards, from 10 EURO

    I've received the 286 board and it's running happily with 4MB of memory right now.