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    Amiga Expansion A1000, Zorro, Ranger, A2000 at VCF West today and tomorrow

    I've created an exhibit for VCF West that explains the actual facts of the creation of the expansion architecture for the A1000 and how Autoconfig, Zorro, Ranger, and third party peripherals like Byte By Byte's Pal/ Pal Jr fit in. Showing: A working Zorro/Ranger prototype backplane plugged into...
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    California Wanted 1/2 ST506 drives

    I mean half height, not half a drive.
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    California Wanted 1/2 ST506 drives

    So far the two that I have tested have crash problems. Was able to scrape most of the data from one 20M drive, Most of the errors were on the inner cylinders. On the second drive one whole surface was unreadable. This might not be a surface problem so I'm going to save that drive for looking at...
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    California TI WD800A 114MB Upgrade Kit - incomplete $50

    Here is an incomplete Chassis. Has front bezel, power supply, an interface card, backplane. Prefer local pickup, but could package and ship for extra $ Weighs maybe 30 lbs. Located in San Carlos, CA 94070
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    California DEC mostly empty 42" rack for pdp 11/44 : $25

    Includes 872D power controller. Nice working casters. At warehouse in San Carlos, CA 94070
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    California Looking for DEC KS10 boards.

    Found the ones I needed.
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    SMD disk drive testing

    Thanks for the link to the spec. There are no commands to query geometry. It appears that a controller can get cylinder count by setting cylinder address and seeing if it reports error. It can get sector count by counting pulses between index pulses. Head selection though doesn't seem to have a...
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    SMD disk drive testing

    I'll look to see what controllers might be installed. Maybe this is nieve but does the SMD spec support a geometry query? The tester that I borrowed only has preprogrammed drive specs for older drives. And it doesn't seem to allow me to edit them. I'm able to get the tester to do some basic...
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    SMD disk drive testing

    Correction: "several SMD drivers" should be "several SMD drives"
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    SMD disk drive testing

    I have several SMD and what I think are SMD drivers that I'd like to test. Of these are 5.25" seagate ST41201J and PA4A2A. I have some with correct power supply. Powering those up I get a blinking green light as I hear it spin up. Then I hear it exercise the arm and green lights goes solid...
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    California DEC 11/70,11/570,TU58,HSC,KL10 end of year warehouse sale in San Carlos, CA

    Vintage Computer, Arcade, electronics warehouse, garage, and hardware end of year blow out sale Saturday DEC 10 10:30 AM until 3PM in San Carlos, California. Near St. James Gate Arcade games, mostly non working projects. Pole Position 2, $200, no monitor, has untested board set, steering wheel...
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    California Looking for DEC KS10 boards.

    Still looking for Decsystem 2020 (KS10) boards to help getting a system back up and running.