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    NanTan Early 1990's laptops Guide (386/486/Pentium)

    @thueringer: thanks for your reply. I managed to repair my highscreen laptop so that it starts and boots, but sometimes i get error messages regarding extended memory at startup and the PS/2 mouse-port on the side is not working. Maybe there are still some cut traces. I checked almost all...
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    NanTan Early 1990's laptops Guide (386/486/Pentium)

    Hello creepingnet, do you have manuals to either the FMA3300 or FMA3500 Laptops? I need a pinout description of the "Expansion-Port" on the back of these Computers. I own a Higscreen 386DX-33 which is a rebranded FMA3300. The old CMOS-Battery has destroyed a lot of traces on the board and the...