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    Adding a CF Card to a Tandy 1500HD

    A few weeks ago (at VCFMW) a Tandy 1500HD followed me home. The hard drive was working at the show, but the floppy was untested. It naturally needed a new drive belt. The next day, the hard drive took a few tries to boot up the machine, and the day after that it no longer would. The seller...
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    Midwest WTB or Trade: TRS-80 Model 100/102 Stuff

    Shameless bump. But wait there's more! In addition to the Portable 100 issues and a bit of software, I've also got a working TPDD 1 for trade (though it is missing the little DIP switch cover) and a working Model 100 and a mostly dead 102. If you're going to VCF Midwest, we can trade in...
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    Model 100 Holmes Engineering/PCSG Chipmunk Drive

    Not a Chipmunk owner, but I am a Backpack owner, which I am guessing does what you’re wanting to do, except it’s much smaller than a Chipmunk, and it’s probably cheaper than a Gotek or other floppy emulators too.
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    Tandy Model 102 and REX#, First Impressions

    The Rex# is a great little gizmo. It really makes the old laptops much more usable. One neat trick I like is that from the menu you can press Control A to access REXMGR instantly. Enjoy! J White
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    Midwest WTB or Trade: TRS-80 Model 100/102 Stuff

    My last thread of this topic kinda went adrift, so I thought I'd start a new one. If anyone has any TRS-80 Model 100 or Tandy 102 software, books, magazines, or hardware they are no longer wanting, I'd like to buy or trade for them. I am especially hoping to find a copy of "trs-80 portable...
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    Fan direction on TRS-80 Five Meg Disk System

    I’m not familiar with the hd inquestion, but I have seen quite a few external drives that had a small air filter in them. If that unit has (had, per the service manual) one, it would tell you where the air was coming from. That should tell you which way the air is supposed to move. Hopefully...
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    Midwest WTB TRS-80 Model 100 Stuff

    Shameless bump. I am surprised there aren’t rules about bumping in the pinned message.
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    Model T USB Printer Connection

    Someone mentioned this little gizmo on the Slabtop Discord a bit ago: https://www.arcadeshopper.com/wp/store/#!/Retro-Printer-Centronics-Printer-module-V3-raspberry-pi-or-equivalent-required/p/190216087/category=0 It sounds like it would do what you're wanting, but I have no experience with...
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    Tandy Model 100/102 modem pickup line

    Is the switch on the side of your 102 set to originate? Does your phone system accept pulse dialing? My MagicJack doesn't, so I have to dial on a phone and then connect the modem once I hear the other modem pick up. It's been a while since I used the modem; I bought a wifi modem for it a while...
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    Midwest WTB TRS-80 Model 100 Stuff

    For some reason I am addicted to these little machines. If you have any software, books, magazines, or to a lesser extent, hardware that’s taking up space, let me know. Shipping would be to Portage, Indiana, 46368, or I can pick up in the Chicagoland area. I can pay with Paypal or a postal...
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    Starblaze 100 Screen Shots

    In the marketplace forum someone had requested a video of the Model 100 game StarBlaze 100. I’ll take a look at the poopy video I shot, and maybe upload it to Youtube if it’s remotely good enough to demonstrate the game. For now, here’s a few screenshots.