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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    I had the same idea. You'd have to change it to compare with 5Ah though. "cas" appears to be one of the programmers. There are several comments in the code with that signature. I don't see the value of that particular comment though. "Arrrrgh" doesn't really convey that much information. Unless...
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    You're overthinking this. It's just poorly written code by an incompetent programmer. The same type of bug can be found just below in the bcd_verify procedure. They compare AL and AH with 10 to verify that these registers contain at most 9 and then use ja which means that the jump is only taken...
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Here's an old post where I explained this: https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?threads/pc-shell-date.63115/post-764874
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    Need help with RTC on Intel Above Board PS/PC

    Lines 311 to 313 in clock.asm; cmp ah,24 ja bad_time ; now al is hour from 0 to 23 That's a bug. The ja should be a jae. Also, the comments regarding the rules on how to check for leap year is incorrect. I would elaborate on that but I'm so tired I'm about to pass out.
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    Bring out your dead! (Looking for mTCP bugs)

    The Netgear card definitely has a packet driver among the drivers for it. I don't know the quality of it though.
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    XTIDE tech support thread

    I just realized that I made the USE_PS2 define with the assumption that PS/2 machines are a superset of the AT class machines. That's probably a mistake? The USE_PS2 define is for support of the software controlled HDD LED. It also changes the XUB splash text to say "PS/2" instead of "386"...
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    Loading dos high on a XT

    @FreddyV Did you find a problem with USE!UMBS.SYS?
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    TexElec ISA IDE to SD Adapter on IBM 5150

    Well, to be technically correct (the best kind of correct) neither FDISK nor XTIDE has a problem with the MBR code. It's just that the CPU doesn't support it. So I guess you could say the CPU has a problem with it. 😉 I do agree that wiping the media, regardless of type, should be the first step...
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    Ctrl-C vs Ctrl-Break

    Right, but I was referring to the need to ensure a clean exit. If you're only using the BIOS for keyboard handling and the user hits Control-Break then the BIOS will invoke interrupt 1Bh, right? And since DOS has hooked that interrupt it will in turn invoke interrupt 23h. So all I need to do is...
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    Ctrl-C vs Ctrl-Break

    As I understand it, Control-Break and Control-C are effectively the same. DOS hooks interrupt 1Bh and invokes interrupt 23h whenever Control-Break is pressed. So you only need to hook interrupt 23h to ensure a clean exit. Or am I missing something?
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    Headstart LX CD floppy boot disk image

    I've read this thread and the other thread and I've also downloaded the system BIOS and analyzed it a bit in IDA Pro. There is an option ROM scan and it's called from several places. For example, one where it seems to be looking for a video card BIOS between C000h and C800h (in 2 kB increments)...
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    XT-IDE Card mysteriously died...

    Have you verified the setting of the ROM type selection switches (8 and 9)? Also, if you have any other compatible EEPROM then you could insert that to verify with DEBUG that its contents appears in the address space. But yeah, I agree that ESD is the most likely culprit.
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    XTIDE Universal BIOS

    Yeah, I suspect that this only affects some hard disk models and I'm pretty sure it has to do with power management. Do you know if that Quantum Fireball 640 supports the power management feature set? Will it stop spinning if you enable the timeout? Though I am a bit surprised that this is a...
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    XTIDE Universal BIOS

    @maxtherabbit @Yoghoo Is the power management idle timeout value set to something or is it disabled? Do you know if this problem affects all hard drives or just some models?