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    Mark posts from this account as invisible or hidden

    Would the admin mods please mark all the posts from this account as "invisible" or "hidden" so they no longer show up in searches, forum listings, the vcwiki, or whatever else is on this site? I have been out of this hobby for 4+ years now and I still get notifications, emails, etc. on a...
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    Add "delete user account" feature

    Please add a feature to the forum so users can archive all their personal information (including posts, blogs, etc.) and then permanently delete their accounts. This would help with security because people would be able to leave the forum without having to abandon all their information behind...
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    blog spammer invasion

    Disgusting spammers have taken up residence in the VCF blogs. See the trail of filth they are leaving behind. http://www.vcfed.org/forum/group.php?groupid=9 Since no one uses the blog how about just deleting it. Deleting the spammer fake user would be good too...
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    USB2FDC project

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss a USB to Floppy Disk Controller (USB2FDC) project. The goal of the project is to build a completely open source USB to Floppy Disk interface which is able to read/write soft sector FM and/or MFM formats of 3.5", 5.25", and 8" floppy disks. The project...
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    FS: Northstar Advantage

    For Sale: Northstar Advantage "as is -- no drives" $100 (firm) for pick up in Dayton Ohio area. If you need shipping make arrangements at a local (45429) pack and ship store and I will drop off the NS Advantage (no packaging).
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    PD32 NS32016 computer

    Does anyone remember or have experience with this early computer designed to run Unix? AKA "Public Domain 32000" by Dave Rand and George Scolaro It is called the PD32 and uses an NS32016 chipset. It was described in MICRO CORNUCOPIA, #32, Oct-Nov 1986, magazine...
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    Bruce Culbertson NS32016 design

    Hi Is anyone familiar with the background on the Bruce Culbertson NS32016 single board computer? Was this a "one off" build or was it commonly available at some point? Were PCBs ever made or is this project wire-wrap only? ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/misc/pc532/Culbertson/ It is mixed in with the...
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    microcontrollers running Un*x, Linux, *BSD, etc.

    Hi, microcontrollers are typically known for small RAM memories which limited using advanced operating systems like Un*x, Linux, *BSD, etc. However here is a case where someone got LiteBSD to run on a PIC32 microcontroller. Are there other examples of microcontrollers running advanced...
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    PC532 Gerber files

    Hi Does anyone know where to find the Gerber files for the original PC532 home brew computer? I have looked in all the obvious places. If someone knows any of the original PC532 hobbyists or has sources that would be helpful. Thanks, Andrew Lynch http://www.thefullwiki.org/PC532
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    CP/M-16K, does it exist?

    Has anyone seen or recall a CP/M-16K for the National Semiconductor CPUs (formerly known as NS16032, since renamed to NS32016 and subsequent) There is a posted article on comp.os.cpm which claims there was a CP/M-16K in addition to the CP/M-Z8K, CP/M-68K, and the more common CP/M-86 and CP/M-80.
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    Multibus open hardware?

    Is there such a thing? Would enough people be interested in it to warrant it? There doesn't seem to be any open hardware Multibus projects AFAIK. The situation seems ripe for a Multibus open hardware project but I don't want to push something no one else or very few are interested in pursuing.
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    Multibus forum?

    VCF should have a Multibus forum.
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    Linux-SBC home brew 486 project

    Hi Making some good progress on the Linux-SBC home brew 486 project. Looking for people to review the schematic and/or PCB layout to find errors before getting initial PCBs made. We are getting close and after many reviews and scrubbing the datasheets repeatedly. However there is still a...
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    wanted: 80486 motherboard or laptop/notebook schematics

    Hi I am looking for 80486 motherboard or laptop/notebook schematics preferably with OPTi chipset but *any* would be helpful. Specifically the OPTi 82C465MVB or 82C495XLC chipsets would be ideal. After several days of looking I have yet to find even a single 80486 motherboard or laptop/notebook...
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    Gryphon 68030 home brew computer

    Looking for new people to build and test Gryphon Gen3 (Jackalope) prototype PCBs for the Gryphon 68030 home brew computer project. Will be ordering new Jackalope PCBs in the next two weeks. Looking for hobbyists of all skill levels for multiple hardware, software, debug & test, and other...