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    I looked after several 11/70's in late 80's to early 90's running RSX-11m. After any odd failures we would run IOX (I/O exerciser) that was on the RSX-11m boot disk.
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    PDP-11/93 Back Panel

    The 9 pin connections are the standard 11/93 back panel ports for serial and a 25 pin serial console. The bottom right is DEQNA ethernet and the bottom left is SCSI. The system must have had or has a SCSI controller for the TZ30 tape drive in the front of the system
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    Telnet Terminal with good VT100 emulation

    Have you tried Keaterm?
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    DEC units on ebay

    May be of interest to UK and beyond collectors, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115811150665 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/115811151888 I have no connection with the seller.
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    PDP-11 working system? how to use

    How about a Qbone, to emulate disk storage? http://retrocmp.com/projects/qbone/313-qbone-introduction
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    DEC 4000/500 with no Operating System

    These usually come in a BA400 enclosure that may contain some DSSI disks and a TQK70 tape drive. Can you post some photos of the inside front so we can see what controllers it has and if it has any storage?
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    How to connect ST-506 HD to PDP-11/23 M7555

    Hi, Maybe take a look in the DEC specific forum and possibly re-post https://forum.vcfed.org/index.php?forums/dec/
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    Build attempt for PDP-11 from spare boards - will they work together?

    I'm not sure if you are planning on using the DHV11 to obtain console port, don't think it is supported?
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    Dec ephemera

    DEC measuring stick (there are no markings on the IC )
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    LK07 (VT100, etc.) keyboard oddity.

    Teletech, slightly off topic but...in your second photo the keyboard is sitting on top of either a BA11-VA or a TU58 drive (possibly something else!) I have a BA11-VA based 11/02 running RT-11, I'd be interested to know what you are doing with yours, perhaps in a new thread. Thanks.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Hi ethump, glad to here another DEC MIPS machine is working. That's three I know of in north of England. I haven't looked at OSF yet.
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    Restoring a DEC PDP-11/05

    Are two terminators necessary/supported in the 11/05? I see two in the above photos. Perhaps as also previously suggested you cant try terminating at the end of the first backplane, that will eliminate the issue being in the other two backplanes.
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks g4ugm for the offer but I think I've made good progress. I dug out an NEC SCSI CD-ROM drive and while looking in the box I found a DEC RRD43, I've previously only tried known good working RRD42 drives from my VAXstations's. I connected up the NEC drive and attempted to boot (boot...
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    DECSystem 5000/240

    Thanks, I'll dig a more modern SCSI CD-ROM out and give that a try. I've tried a couple of RRD42 already.