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    XIRCOM PE3-10BT 10Mbps Twisted Pair RJ45 Parallel Port To Ethernet Adapter

    I've just tested it and it's worked fine in Win98 windows network and with mTCP (as the pictures).
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    Seagate SCSI ST-02 and SCSI2SD

    Hi guys, I want to know if anybody has tried to use a SCSI2SD V5 board with a Seagate SCSI ST-02 controller card. I have a ST-02, with the 3.2 bios version, and I want something more trustworthy for using with it in a XT clone. Thank you. Leandro
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    Juko ST 8088/V20 Motherboard Manual and Software

    Hi guys. Does anybody have or know where is it possible to download the manual and the software for a 8088/V20 XT Juko ST motherboard? I've found just a jumpers/switches and memory configuration guide (http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/motherboards/A/AUVA-COMPUTER-INC-8088-JUKO-BABY-XT-BXM-12.html)...
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    JUKO M16 8bit ISA Multi I/O Controller Card

    I've just bought this JUKO M16 8bit ISA Multi I/O Controller Card, but there isn't any documentation about it over the internet. I would like to know if this card would be apropriate to use a 720k or 1.44mb floppy drive in my PC XT. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262960322187 Does anybody have any...