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Volkswagen TDI, vintage computers, trains, Monitor Top refrigerators, antique fans
Bandera, TX


IBM Computers: 5150 (16-64K, 64-256K), 5160, 5161, 5162, 5170 (regular and Tempest), Option 370 16 bit
PS/2 Machines: 30, 55SX, 77 (Lacuna & Bermuda), 90 XP, 95, "E"
Vintage ThinkPads: 300, 360C/CE, 510CS, 560/E, 600E/X, 701C/CS, 700, 720C, 730TE (tablet), 750C/P (color and tablet models), 755C/CE/CD/CDV/CX, 760C, 760ED, 765L, 770 (with rebuilt batteries on the 755C and 760C)
Vintage UNIX workstations: 2/120, 3/75, 3/60, 3/180, SS 2/5/20/IPC U2 Ent, HP 715/100, several RS/6000s, PiDP-11, microPDP-11/23, VAXstation 3100, VAXstation 4000 VLC, various DECstations, Okistation, various HP PA-RISC workstations, two SGI boxes
Vintage MAC stuff: SuperMac clones (x3)
Vintage terminals: DEC VT101, DECmate, VT220, VT420, VT520