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    Making the A drive start as B.

    On an IBM PC or compatible, unpack the BOOTB utility, format a disk in your drive A: , issue the command "BOOTB A:" This will destroy the original boot sector of this disk. Don't use it on valuable disks. After that, you leave the modified disk in drive A: and put a bootable disk in drive B: and...
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    My XT-286 (WIP)

    @ozzyrules thanks! Robert
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    My XT-286 (WIP)

    Hi @ozzyrules it would be great if you could read (dump) and share your motherboard's BIOS, either by reading it directly in an EPROM reader or using DOS' debug command http://mess.redump.net/dumping/dump_bios_using_debug Robert
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    Looking for source code of any BASIC for CP/M-86

    Hi Ruud, in an earlier search I had confused Small C with Tiny Basic, so of course the search for Small Basic went nowhere ... With the correct search term, two things came up, both unfinished projects by the look of them: One search result is for a thread here in this Forum, talking about...
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    Wanted: NCR System Technical Manual - MS-DOS (for Decision Mate V / DMV)

    Hi everyone, user K-Town Computeum on the German VzEkC forum scanned the manual mentioned in the title, unfortunately his copy is missing pages C-2-1 to C-2-168, this is covering IO.SYS source code. It would be great if there's another copy around and one of the users here could scan the missing...
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    Ampro Little Board Plus emulation in MAME - Materials available on request

    It would be great to try out the emulation with your disk images and guidance - I'd love to receive your material. Maybe pinching stuff off MAME's serial information for the NCR DMV could help: https://forums.bannister.org/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=97011#Post97011 Robert
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    Ampro Little Board Plus emulation in MAME - Materials available on request

    I'd love to see your work get integrated into mainline MAME. Have you considered issueing a pull request on GitHub?
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    IBM ROM BASIC alternatives?

    Hi folks, a lot of the clone motherboards sported sockets for ROM expansions. Was there ever an alternative to the IBM ROM BASIC that could be added to any IBM compatible? Thanks Robert
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    Xerox 820-II floppy cable wanted

    Hi all, I have a Xerox 820-II, but just the main part, no drives. I need to have a look inside to check if the disk controller's actually there, (at least there's a connector at the rear of the monitor), but in the meantime I'd like to research what it takes to connect drives to the Xerox. I...
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    NCR PC4i

    I recently got a NCR PC4i in reasonable condition (it even survived shipping). It's got what looks like an after market graphics card ("Intersil Display Adapter Color III") ... is this card known? Is it just a CGA clone? The manual (they're available at...
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    Looking for Epson PCe ROM

    Hi, I'm looking for a ROM for an Epson PCe to confirm a dumped one I have. I'd like to add the machine to the MAME emulation. Thanks Robert
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    Question about CGA and EGA Cards with Luggable Computer Internal Screens...

    For the Compaqs you could get their EGA cards as upgrades that had the matching connector for the internal screen in place. Robert
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    Thorn EMI Liberator

    Hi folks, I'm looking for help to disassemble the Liberator. I've taken out the screws from the bottom plate, but it's either held by plastic tabs or more screws under the keyboard. Any hints? I'd love to dump the ROM contents and take pictures for the MAME folks. Robert
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    Sinclair Spectrum CP/M 2.2 - Creating Fuse Compatible Disk Images

    Here's your benchmark on my MFA Mikrocomputer (8085@2MhZ, 64K RAM). Robert
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    Sinclair Spectrum CP/M 2.2 - Creating Fuse Compatible Disk Images

    Something just caught my eye from Lorry's original post: BASIC-80 does INDEED run on 2.2 Robert