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    Packard Bell PB8810

    Had this stored away for about 30 yrs. Just fired it back up.
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    Mid Atlantic ZX-81 with books Swap Meet preview

    Hi, Yes I held them until the end but someone bought them. I was at the end of the middle row with the Sanyo MBC555 and CB radios. I asked other members if they knew you but no one did. Sorry. Hi, No one asked me about online payments. The message I deleted, I just moved to a reply for you. it...
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    Granddaughter using Early Learning Fun

    My Granddaughter is having fun with this cartridge. Are there any other cartridges for age 5?
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    Mid Atlantic ZX-81 with books Swap Meet preview

    ZX-81 with books. Could not seem to get it working on my flat screen. $50.00 12 Timex cassette programs. $40.00
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    Mid Atlantic For Cost of Shipping: Software Manuals

    Bring them to the swap meet. They have a Free pile.
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    Mid Atlantic Compaq portable parts $50.00 Swap meet

    Compaq portable, power supply works. No video or beeps. No disk drives included. $50.00 Pick up at Swap meet.
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    Mid Atlantic Sanyo MBC 555 Works $200. Swap Meet preview

    Sanyo MBC 555 works $200. Includes copy of boot disk.
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    Mid Atlantic Apple IIe, Monitor, Disk drive Swap Meet preview Oct 8

    Apple II e works good. $200.00 Apple disk drive works good. $50.00 Apple Monitor works good $100.00 Ace 10 Disk drive works good $100.00 More items coming. Will be at the InfoAge Swap meet Oct 8, 2022
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    My Wall Of Stuff.

    Here is a close up of the IBM Mag Card II. It would connect to a typewriter and you could store and edit documents by computer cards.
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    My Wall Of Stuff.

    That is a Xerox 6060 above the Xerox 820 8" drives. That thing that looks like a shredder is the IBM Mag II card reader. Behind that is a Sanyo MBC 555, a TI99/4A and a case of 8" disks
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    My Wall Of Stuff.

    Added More items to the wall: TI99/4A, Vextrex, Computer Perfection (Blue Dome), IBM Mag II Card reader,
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    Wanted: Gateway 2000 Destination Software and Parts

    Hi, Thanks for the info. I do have a working Destination, I just wanted some back up software in case the hard drive fails. I was mostly looking for the DestiVu software. I also was hoping to some how make a working backup of my hard drive but haven't figured that out yet. It has the...
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    My Wall Of Stuff.

    No more on the wall. I have more stored in my basement, I need to thin out.