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Mid Atlantic 9" DC CRT & VCP (Separate units)

Covers: New York, Pensylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


Mar 31, 2023
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Have had these sitting around for my entire life & looking to make room. Both were originally part of a portable In-Car entertainment system. Both TV & VCR are functional. Weights are items only, rounded to nearest half lb.

Power cord is a "Y". Cord needs new cigarette lighter end. Can cut a pigtail off cord if items purchased separately. The same remote controls both the TV & VC, a universal remote programed for both is also available if purchased separate.

TVKEC 9BNL/29" CRT. 12v DC. 2 Composite (Yellow/White) & RF input. Has built in speaker & speaker out jack. Sticky residue from mounting Velcro is present on top & bottom. TV does have a green area present on startup, shutdown, & during deep black images. I have a very hard time noticing it during use. Likely easy fix for someone knowledgeable. Weighs: 12 lb.
VCPFuani PV910VHS player only. RF & Composite output. RF input loop through. Weighs 4.5 lb
GE Alarm Clock 7-4625AAlarm Clock & Radio. Missing the tuning knob. Would look great with your retro computer setup. Weighs 2.5 lb

Unfortunately, looking to ship only at the moment. If interested in anything make an offer, not sure of value & would like them gone rather then E-waste.



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