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About collecting computers


Experienced Member
Mar 22, 2009
This week I finally realized that telling people I'm interested in old computers (no matter what their age is) will get me some free stuff.

For the first time in my life I was offered a computer, maybe it's because of my age, maybe it's the country I live in, but I always thought this to be impossible.

As so, I'm happy to see that here people also have old computers in their homes and after all it is possible to get something for free.

Lois Graham

New Member
Mar 7, 2010
I went to a patio sale recently and was given, a portable radio (c.1960s, perfect,) and 2 VHS players.Both worked fine--but one needed a head cleaner running thru it) I was thrilled! People are giving away "expired technology", they think it worthless! I sold one of the VCR players on ebay last week for $54.00!! I am starting to feel like I have an inside track on something "big" (well at least some extra cash coming in. I am in Arizona. L.G.