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Acorn Archimedes for sale


New Member
May 2, 2003
Portsmouth UK
Acorn Archimedes A3000 computer for sale

This computer is virtually impossible to buy outside of the UK. Its also pretty unique, having its own custom processor, released in 1989, you can find a review of this computer (written by me) here.

I have found great interest for this unusual system from collectors in Europe and America, so I specialise in exporting them.

It has ARM 2 RISC processor running at 8Mhz, RISC OS 3.1, and 2Mb of ram

Includes mouse (very hard to find seperately and useless without it) and some games.

these are ex-British school stock, but have been thoroughly cleaned and tested, and come with new CMOS/clock batteries soldered in. :eek:)

To most European (EC) countries 95 Euros including shipping

other European countries (Scandanavia, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe) 110 Euros including shipping

US$115 incluing shipping to US/Canada/Latin America. (I will switch the power supply to run on 110 volts)

I am UK trader but supply anywhere, Ive supplied over 40 of these computers to 17 different countries. Ive also taken and sold two of them in retro computer parties in Germany and Finland.

I have only TWO left.

I accept Paypal, International bank transfer, Western Union or cash in most currencies. I have ebay feedback of nearly 600, 99% positive.