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ANOTHER Amiga 500 Keyboard Question


Experienced Member
Oct 12, 2021
OK, this gets weirder. This is about the same keyboard with the broken stabilizer clips, but when I took it apart further to clean it, the membrane for the keyboard is not one but two pieces, which is not odd, but the keyboard springs were under the plunders and between them and the top membrane, and would put pressure around the contact to force is down to back the contact with the second membrane. There is no third middle insulator membrane. It uses the Mitzumi keycaps.

My question is this, the some of the springs were corroded and I want to replace them, but I cannot find them anywhere online. Even the membranes may need repair if the damage to the one of them is to severe (I may be able to just jumper it as a fix).

I will try to get pictures up as soon as I can.

But does anyone have any idea on this?