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be heading for


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Aug 13, 2010
Very little conversation anyway. Mostly one-sided: Dugger made an occasional nike air force 1 shoes comment while Black Suit chomped his gum and played Sphinx. I stuck with them on their rapid march to the parking lot, was two minutes behind the Volvo as it left the airport. ugg boots Back on the 405 freeway. North. Return to L.A. This time Dugger took the Wilshire west exit and drove into uggs Brent-wood, and I assumed he'd be heading for his L.A. office—soon to be the exclusive headquarters for his alleged consulting group. But once again he proved me wrong, passing the black-and-white office building and continuing into Santa Monica. Back to the Ocean Front high-rise? Then why hadn't he switched to the ugg ultra boots 10 air jordan 19 west? No, he was swinging a quick right onto Nineteenth Street. I turned too, in time to see him hook another right. Nosing into an alley that fed into a parking lot behind several storefronts. Stationing the Volvo in an empty slot behind a rear door. Red, white, and green sign: BROOKLYN PIZZA GUYS. Plastic ugg bailey button pie above the lettering. I stopped, backed up to the mouth of the alley, new balance 1300 the Seville's grille barely extending past a drive-up dry cleaners, just close enough to see the white car. Dugger stepped out of the Volvo, looked at his watch yet again. Black Suit was more relaxed than he'd been at the airport, swinging his legs out with unexpected grace, looking up at the sky, stretching, yawning. Still chewing like mad. Dugger made for the door to the restaurant, but Black Suit just stood there, and Dugger stopped. The thickset man squeezed his eyes into slits. Scratched his head. Buttoned his suit jacket and rolled his neck. Working out kinks after the cross-country flight. But other than this gesture showing no signs of discomfort. No anxiety, either, on his broad, brown mask of a face. Mr. Tough Guy. He said something to Dugger, who returned to the car and produced new balance a white tissue. Black Suit extricated his gum, wrapped it in the paper, placed the paper in his pocket. Then he nodded, waited as Dugger held open Brooklyn Pizza Guys' back door and passed through with an imperial air.