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BeOS not recognizing keyboard


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Aug 9, 2009
Eastern Washington
After my success with my first BeOS attempt I decided I wanted to get something really trick together. I ran an ad on CL and picked up an IBM Intellistation with 2 PII Overdrives, SCSI CD and HD (as well as an IDE CDRW), 3.5 floppy, 512mb, etc. I have it set up to dual boot XP and BeOS with BeOS handling the boot menu chores.

After the computer gets done with its startup routine I am presented with the OS menu. Using the keyboard I can choose either XP or BeOS. Once booted up the XP install works as you would expect.

If I choose to boot into BeOS it loads to the desktop where I have full mouse use, but no keyboard functionality. I have tested the keyboard on another machine and it works perfectly (as well as working in the XP install)

I am in the process of installing BeOS to its own HD with no partitions to see if thats where my problem lies (thats the way it was on my other machine)

IRQ's are pretty foreign to me, not having to have dealt with them in some years. If there is a conflict that anyone can think of thats walking on the KB it would be much appreciated.



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May 30, 2006
A bit strange

A bit strange

From the description given, the system you are setting up as double-boot BeOS and XP should be a near-perfect fit for both. Certainly, it might sing very well with a dual cpu board.

Very puzzling - I don't recall any keyboard incompatibility stated anywhere.

Suggest to use the WayBack Machine and search the archived Be.com pages. There was an hardware compatibility list maintained by Be and there could be pointers as to the reason(s) either the keyboard or the system board you are using might be incompatible with BeOS.